February 24, 2013

Tips&trics: Vintage hair workshop

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Are you also a hair styling newbie like me? Haven't you got the faintest idea on where to start? Don't worry, because you can learn to create amazing vintage hairdo's at Madame de Pompadours vintage hair workshop! Keep your eye on her Facebook page to find out the new dates for the workshop! A lovely night out where Madame shows you how to handle your hair, while you get to enjoy a nice beverage and learn valuable lessons in hair styling! At the end you will receive a tutorial guide with these amazing vintage do's (for which I made the pictures)  to take home..... Which one would be your favorite?

February 22, 2013

Outfit: Green Beret

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Sometimes, a girl just needs to wear a beret.

Skirt: vintage (Marktplaats)
Jacket: 60s (thrifted)
Beret: vintage (T2)
Shirt: Primark
Shoes: Bronx
Tights: Primark
Necklace: Top Vintage

February 21, 2013

New in: Blue brocade

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From my good old favorite Episode!

February 19, 2013

Tips&trics: Primark-ably vintage

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I love Primark. Yes, because everything is cheap. But also because I can always find just the right accomplices to go with my vintage looks. Wearing head to toe vintage isn't an easy task. For starters finding the right size and fit can provide difficulties and of course comfort plays a factor as well. As much as I love vintage, I do like convenience as well. That is why you will always find some modern additions in my vintage looks. And since I own so many stuff, I like to keep it cheap. Primark has a huge and variable collection in which I can always find those vintage-y items to top off what I'm wearing. As long as you know what (and what not) to buy at Primark, this huge Irish fashion chain can become as reliable a friend to you as it has been to me. I recently visited Primark and I made a list of favorite items I tend to buy there occasionally to complement those retro outfits.

Almost every time I visited Primark I found myself some cute vintage inspired shoes. I use them for photo shoots and I wear them myself. I have to say the quality found in Primark wears is variable... but if you look closely (check the seams etc.) you will be able to find proper quality for very low prices. There are pairs of Primark shoes is my closet I have owned and worn for years now... so it is possible! Here are some cute pairs that are now in stores (both €15,-)

You will always be able to find adorable vintage-y tops at Primark. The selection of tops, shirts and blouses is probably the biggest and the variety is great. I have many tops from Primark, some basic to finish off a look and some cute enough to make an entire look. Make sure to run through the rack of a top you're interested in. Shoppers (and staff) at Primark are not very careful with the garments in the racks, so checking out the condition of the rest will give you an idea of it's quality. Here are three pretty darlings from the current collection. A sixties inspired cutie for €15,- and a classic fortie-ish doll for €13,- The Breton striped long sleeves (€7,-) are basics at Primark and I love them to go with fifties skirts.

Purses, scarfs, corsages, belts, hats and jewelry; if you look closely you can find many cute vintage-y styles for only a few euro's a pop. The only thing I would never recommend buying in the accessory department are watches and items with too many gems glued on them. Those are the items where cheapness just doesn't do any good.

YES! I think 90% of my sunglasses are from Primark. They're just too cheap to be true (prices run from 1.50 to €3,-) and there are so many different colors and shape I always find myself a pair. Since I tend to wreck sunglasses very frequently, the low prices are perfect for me. That way I can buy 10 pairs a years without going bankrupt or having to face the sun without shades! 

Many of you ask me where I get my tights. Well, almost all of the cutesy tights I wear with my vintage skirt and dresses are Primarks! The quality is actually quite good and they always have so many cute versions. I have worn many pairs from different stores that were way more expensive, yet I destroyed them faster than some of my Primark pairs. Prices run from 1.50 to 5,- in general. Yay!

These basic vintage-y cardigans (€10,-) are available in many different colors. The fit is pretty, the fabric is comfortable (viscose) and they will last you a long time. I have had a few of these cardigans for over a year and they're still in the condition I bought them in. The scalloped neckline and adorable buttons are just the cherry on the cake.

February 14, 2013

Thrifted; Old rose jacket

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I love this pink jacket! It has a narrow waist and accentuated shoulders; very fortie-ish I'd say.... I found it for 4 euro's in my favorite thrift store De Sirkel. Now let's figure out how to wear this darling. Any ideas kittens?

February 10, 2013

Golden delight

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'Yes please... of course I'll try on this golden brocade dress...'  is what came to my mind when I spotted this fifties ballgown at Laura Dols (Amsterdam.) The first try I was so disappointed, the zipper wouldn't close and the dress looked just... wrong on me. As I took it off I felt the tears bubbling up (well, not literally but the proverbial I-don't-fit-this-vintage-beauty-tears... I'm sure you kittens know what I'm talking about.) I love gold and I have been infatuated with gold dresses ever since watching 'To Catch a Thief' where Grace Kelly wears a gold lamé gown in the closing scene, an Edith Head design. When I put the dress back on the hanger, I noticed that the straps were shortened. So I figured I'd give the beauty another try without putting the straps on (strapless).... like a GLOVE! Without the straps I was able to pull the dress down a bit, making the waistline fit perfectly and the bust cover my puppies to perfection. It turned out the straps were still intact and when I undid the shortening, the were long enough to fit me with the rest of the dress. So whenever a vintage garment doesn't quite fit... but almost... make sure to check out what adjustments can be made for it to be your size. It can be that easy!

J'adore Grace!

February 8, 2013

Two birds with one thriftstore

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Have I ever told you kittens how much I love thrifting....? Of course I have! Well let me add yet another marvelous thrifty story I most recently experienced. It all happened in Maarssen where one of my favorite thrift stores (De Sirkel) is located. I always try to enter a thrift store empty minded, expecting too much often leads to disappointment. Marnix and me were on the lookout for a few small household items and we quickly succeeded in finding them. By the time we reached the cash register I managed to find myself two pairs of footwear, both fulfilling previous footwear related wishes....

The All Stars

For my job at Scotch&Soda, I have to wear closed shoes. Which can be quite limiting during those hot summer days. The only type of shoes I endure for work (where I stand and walk all day) during the summer are All Stars. So I have been browsing for a new pair over the last few weeks. But I just find it hard to spend 60/70 euros on a pair of relatively 'simple' sneakers haha. At the Sirkel I ran into these black high tops. Now I prefer the lower version, but I do like black and they are in very good condition. Of course I took them home for 5 euros. I'm sure I will eventually buy the Ox Bloods I really want, but then at least I can say I spend 65 euros on two pairs of All Stars hihi. A great find!

The Cinderella Skates

With the heavy winter weather hitting the Netherlands, everyone has been high on what we call 'Skating Fever.' As soon as frost hit the waters for a some good nights in a row, we Dutchies hit the ice! My darling already bought himself some black Vikings in December. But I had my mind set on some cute white retro figure skates. I have to say I almost forget about finding skates completely, untill I ran into a rack filled with skated. That is where I find these gorgeous leather darlings... I just love how they look, they're in good shapen and actually quite comfortable as well. Of course they went home with me for 5 euros!

February 6, 2013

Parade's End

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Another costume drama which I strongly recommend; Parade´s End. A gorgeous BBC series in which the Belle Epoque fashion stands out above anything else. The casting is marvelous as well. An although the story is not incredibly intruiging, all the other strong points make up for that. Here is the BBC summary on two of the main characters. Especially Sylvia is dressed to perfection, as a true socialite would have been dressed in those days.... *sigh*

In the dying days of the Edwardian Empire, Christopher Tietjens enters into a destructive marriage with the beautiful but cruel socialite Sylvia....

Sylvia Tietjens

Played by Rebecca Hall
Sylvia is a stunningly beautiful socialite who marries Christopher Tietjens because she is pregnant – although not necessarily with his child… She is selfish, manipulative and cruel, yet also mesmerising. Forever restless, Sylvia enjoys a stream of affairs, but she is secretly hurt by the fact that Christopher does not seem to notice her.

Christopher Tietjens
Played by Benedict Cumberbatch
Christopher Tietjens is an English aristocrat clinging to Edwardian values as the world around him seems to change at dizzying speed. He refuses to compromise these principles whatever the cost – resigning from his job as a government statistician when he is asked to manipulate the facts, and remaining faithful to Sylvia even when she leaves him for another man. When Christopher falls in love with Valentine, a young suffragette, he faces a battle between what he feels for her and what he feels is right.

February 3, 2013

On the 40s farm

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"Whieehhhh hello geese..." *waves* I love seeing animals in the wild. And although they are behind a farm fence, I do believe these geese were just passing through. The white winter weather moved me to run to a dump store to buy some sturdy rain boots. I prefer them over snow boots, since they have rubber profile and they are less heavy and more water proof. I completed the look with a casual 40s inspired winter-farm look; layered and woolen. What footwear do you fancy when it's all snowy?

Dress: 40s vintage (Sussies)
Cardigan (red): vintage (Episode)
Cardigan (brown): Vero Moda
Scarf: vintage (Giensch)
Bag: fleamarket
Jewelry: vintage
Tights: Primark
Boots: army dump store 
Gloves: vintage (Super Duper)