March 31, 2012

Vintage women part II

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I already showed you guys a selection of analogue pictures from this shoot. Here are the first digital pictures, made by Jeroen Berends. The light in these pictures is amazing. The girls almost look like statues...

Photography: Jeroen Berends
Make-up: Julia Maria Jonker
Models: Cherry Sue, Rosie Stevens, 
Falke Roorda, Fay Mensik, Roos Baas 
and Lara Aimée.

March 30, 2012

The Paris Thrift

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Wednesday = thrifting-day. This week I had Paris on my mind of course... and with that in mind I found the perfect cotton sundress! I just love this shade of blue, the flower pattern (which has touches of gold in it) and the fit is also great. What a perfect Paris-proof haul!

March 29, 2012

Betty Draper Pink

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I am a huge Mad Men fan. I love the fashion, the women, the men (hmmmm when they were still to be called gentlemen), the story... It's just my kind of show. Watching the first episodes of the fifth season reminded me I am always so intrigued by the women when they are smoking.
Why? Because of their beautiful cigarette holders and the even more amazing nails with which they open them. Just so graceful and elegant... it almost makes me want to smoke and look like that... (don't worry; I won't.) Betty Draper is one of my favourites from the show, and occasionally she wears a certain shade of pink nailpolish I've wanted for myself ever since I first laid eyes on it. The shade is not too pink, with a touch of coral... and contains no metallic what so ever. Turns out; not that easy! I had been looking for quite some time now. Very frustrating when you really réally want something that would seem to be so easy to find haha.
But today, I finally found that exact shade of pink at the Kruidvat (Catrice)! The shade is called 'Meet Me At Coral Island' and it just makes my hands look so pretty. I feel like a Mad Woman now.... if only I smoked.... no I wouldn't want that. Maybe I'll have a nice fancy cocktail instead *yummm*

March 27, 2012

Preparing for Paris part I

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Whenever I go on a trip, I put together a color scheme as sort of a guideline for the 'packing ritual.' For our trip to Paris next week, I wanted to bring bright colours and pastels. I do hope the weather will accompany my bright selection of clothes haha. Here are some pictures of the first selection of clothes I made today. It might change a bit during the week.... probably..... almost certainly. Whieehhhh (L)
(8) Let the sunshine (8)

Vintage belts... always good for the finishing touch

Love the colours!

A lovely light Primark scarf with birdies!

Something is off here....

Primark sunglasses and vintage scarfs (love them for holding up my hair)

Love the combination between this lace Zara shirt and vintage cirkleskirt!

My new Asos brogues.... I just love the bright colours for spring!

Pretty sure I'll bring more shoes eventually haha....

Oh darling.... you can't come with :(

Lovely new Primark shoes

Who will be so kind to tell my cat that he can't come haha!

A quick inbetween give-away!

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This beauty is going to; Frijke Broos!

March 23, 2012

Give-away 4; Pierre Cardin!

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"Happiness is not so much in having, as sharing."

The winner had been picked! Congrats Kitty Pimms!

March 22, 2012

Garden fun

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The sun it out, which means it was time for us to brighten up the garden. We bought all sorts of plants to welcome springtime. Today it's so lovely outside, I'm enjoying the sun in my own garden in between the fresh flowers and herbs! What a day.... welcome dear spring!

Dress: vintage
Belt: vintage
Sunglasses: Primark
Necklace: Primark

Vintage women part I

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Remember the The Big Project... well here are the first analogue pictures! Made by photographer Hans van Reekum, and they are original analogue (polaroid.) I am impressed by the authentic vibe these photo's breath. What a great job!

Photography: Hans van Reekum
Make-up: Julia Maria Jonker
Models: Cherry Sue, Rosie Stevens, 
Falke Roorda, Fay Mensik, Roos Baas 
and Lara Aimée.

March 20, 2012

T-strap beauties

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These beautiful leather Dune pumps are exactly what I was looking for. I found them in the Asos sale and they go very well with many planned spring outfits. I can't wait to take these puppets out for a stroll...