July 31, 2014

Outfit: Pink loves stripes

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Nice and casual on a muggy hot day!

Skirt: ASOS
Shoes: Sacha
Shirt: H&M (it's actually a dress)
Accessories: vintage/thrifted (sunnies Primark)

July 21, 2014

Trips: Samois loves Django

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And so the trip continued..... to the GORGEOUS town of Samoin-sur-Seine, once called home by gypsy legend Django Reinhardt. And that why where we went there, to meet other Djangofiles at the Django Reinhardt festival. How? A few months ago we decided to go there on nothing more than pure intuition and the overwhelming feeling that it might me amazing.... And it was, my oh my it was... Five days of NON-STOP live music by thousands of musicians from all over the world. It truly was a mesmerizing trip. We met SO MANY amazing people, got enjoy the best shows, drank the most amazing 'vin de table', attented some of the best jam sessions I have EVER seen and enjoyed floating on the Seine. There truly are not enough words in the world to describe how magic this trip was.....
Such a great line-up!

STUNNING village... <3

Cyrille Aimee.... stunning, sexy and very talented

Why take the car when you can get there by ship...

Preview of an outfit post at a castle....

We felt this was her Lord of the Rings moment

Great wine, pretty girl....

Love these guys!

Of course, patisserie!

Love the festival grounds.... so picturesque!

Even the rain didn't spoil the great atmosphere

RUDY and camp site jam sessions

Hate the view..... 

Late night camp site jam session <3 Met the singer from Toy Hearts... she ROCKS


Aaah I want to go back now haha

In between fun

See you next year Samois!

July 19, 2014

Outfit&tips: My new love.... Ains&Elke

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The weather has been very good over the last few days....(actually it's been freaking hot haha)... so that meant I FINALLY got to wear my custom made Norma Playsuit by Ains&Elk StyleHaus. A few weeks ago, Alixis contacted me if I was interested in reviewing on of her designs. I am so very happy she did, because I never came across her Etsy shop before, but I absolutely ADORED every single piece on there as soon as she send me the link... My god, what a beautiful patterns and even more gorgeous vintage fabrics Alixis works with. I felt absolutely blessed to get a chance to wear one of her pieces and to be honest, I've been wanting a summer suit for ages... So after careful consideration, I chose to go for this cute playsuit in a mustard yellow fabric.....
After just a few days my package arrived and when I opened the lovely wrapped goodies I was instantly smitten! The fabric is just so divine... but the quality and the detailing (beautiful lining) in the suit is possibly even more remarkable! Now I am quite picky when it comes to quality, but Ains&Elke's work truly is A+ material. On top of that, the fit is PERFECT... which can be a bit tricky with sending measurements through the internet, so I consider my cuty of a suit to be true craftsmanship. I wore this outfit to the park yesterday and I felt like a million bucks! If by any chance you've been looking out for a vintage summer suit like this, I highly recommend contacting Alixis to check out the possibilities. Even the prices are great (especially when you consider what unique pieces you'll be getting)!

So, to put even more cherries on an already delicious cake..... here is AN AMAZING GIFT TO YOU GUYS.... If you use the code 'DARLING' on the Ains&Elke StyleHaus Etsy shop, you will get 15% off on your order! Get it while it's hot, this discount will be available for a month babes! Oeeeh and if you purchase something, SHOW ME <3 I'd love to see what cute outfits you will be wearing this summer :)


Make sure to check out Ains&Elke StyleHaus:

July 12, 2014

Trips: Gent retreat

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After Muddy Roots.... before heading for France.... we decided to take a little festival break in Gent. So we booked a GORGEOUS b&b, with a bath, and indulged ourselves in the pleasures of one of my favorite ancient towns. The b&b was located next to Gravensteen castle in a stunning 17th century building. The entire top floor was ours and the view was INCREDIBLE!! We were only in Gent for a day, but we still managed to snap a few pictures to set the mood.... (if you want tips&tricks on where to go in Gent, search for 'Gent' on this blog... it will lead you to the blog posts I made after my previous visit)