April 26, 2013

Outfit: Blue Polka

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My favorite shade of blue! I just adore, no love, this color so much... I'm even willing to wear polka dots! I found this adorable fifties dress at my favorite shop (Episode) and the fit is just great for me. Shall I take this beauty with me to Rome... where we are headed for in little over two weeks?

Dress: 50s vintage (Episode)
Jacket: fleamarket (Ijhallen)
Belt: vintage
Bag: vintage
Sunnies: Zara
Shoes: Scamm
Necklace: Zara
Jewelry: vintage/thrifted

April 24, 2013

Tips&trics: Notorious Clothing

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I was thrilled when the gorgeous ladies of Notorious Clothing asked me to model some outfits for their new webshop. Of course I love dressing up and this was the perfect opportunity to try all their new spring/summer wear out. I have to say I loved every single piece I tried on. Here are some of my favorites;
These sailor inspired shorts were just so comfy and flattering! I usually wouldn't be caught dead in shorts.... but I actually felt good in these. The high waist gives them that perfect fifties feeling. I would definitely recommend these to all the curvy ladies out there in search for some shorts!

In the picture below you see me wearing several dresses. One is the spring version of my Winter Floral dress by Stop Staring. So I knew I'd be loving that one. But I was also pleasantly surprised by the Rinascimento dresses you see me wearing in three different colors... what a great fit and so comfortable! The perfect curvy dress if you ask me.... I say hop hop hop and visit Notorious Clothing to check out more gorgeousness. Or visit their shop in Utrecht of course... might be even more fun to try some beauties on ;)

April 21, 2013

Outfit: First real sunshines

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Sunday sunny sunday! We enjoyed the first real warm day of spring in and around this cute little castle near our house (Oud Zuylen.) They have this adorable sun terrace where we exposed out pale skin to the sun for the first time this season. Just look at my extremely pale legs haha... Oh an say hello to my little friend, on whom I stumbled while walking through the castle. Peek-a-boo!

Dress: 50s vintage (Episode)
Shoes: All Stars
Bag: fleamarket
Scarf: thrifted (Nina Ricci)
Accessories: thrifted/vintage/antique

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April 13, 2013

Outfit: Green

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This is what I wore to the Ijhallen the other weekend!

Dress: 50s vintage (Marktplaats)
Shoes: H&M
Belt: thrifted
Tights: Primark
Sunglasses: H&M
Jewelry: thrifted/antique

April 10, 2013

New in: The best find ever (IJHALLEN Haul)

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It was quite some time ago since I last visited the Ijhallen in Amsterdam. As a matter of fact, it was *researches* September 2011 we went there and came back home hugely disappointed. Last weekend, friends of ours made their way to the old Amsterdam harbor where the Ijhallen are located and asked us to join. We figured we would give it another go and off we went..... this time however we came back thrilled and happy. It was fan-tas-tic! We enjoyed the sunshine, hamburgers, poffertjes (Dutch delicacy), each others company and some healthy competition. All while scavenging through piles of.... anything and everything, looking to call someone else's trash our treasures.
Our men started of by challenging each other to find to most ridiculous, offensive, disgusting and/or off putting beer glass they could find. This turned out to be a hilarious competition, having to dig through boxes of old glass work and even worse... ask the sales person how much they wanted for it. I am proud to say my husband managed to find one of the most offensive pieces of glass work I have ever seen..... why would people even make this.... or want this in their house!? (Seriously, anyone.... any takers?)
Not being a participant in this competition gave me all the time I needed to find those hidden gems. I started off pretty good with finding a gorgeous eggshell colored linen blazer. I had been craving a linen blazer to go on top of circle skirts (ergo; with that New Look fit) for the spring/summer season. I own a lot of woolen winter-y blazers but not too many lighter versions. So this was a great find for 3 euros. I will be showing the blazer later on... The second lovely treasure I took home was this amazing fifties hat in a old rose color. I love the way it fits my head and the simplicity of the design. The hat was being sold by two adorable gents who probably witnessed this hat actually being worn in the 1950s. I thought they were too cute to be true, they were happy to see the hat prolong it's life... a great deal for 5 euros I'd say!

So my last, but definitely not least find of the day literally came to me. As the market was reaching it's end, we were in a bit of a hurry to finish of seeing all the stalls. Tip: The market at the Ijhallen is HUGE, so be there early enough if you want to see everything! While fast pacing through the last of the market, I spotted a gorgeous magenta piece of 'something' on the side of a clothing booth. When I walked towards it, I must have bumped into the booth because the 'something' fell into my hands. When I grabbed the piece of cloth to check out what it was, I gasped. Here I was, standing with a GORGEOUS ankle length 1930s dress in perfect (never worn) condition. I couldn't believe my eyes.... finding cute vintage, mostly from the 60s-80s, at these markets does occasionally happen. But stumbling upon the most stunning thirties dress in the most impeccable condition is a dream come true! The divine color made this find even more amazing.... and the fact that I estimated it to be my size (which it is YES).... well do I even need to elaborate on the thrill I felt haha. I'm pretty sure you darlings can imagine the excitement. Which leads me to the part; 'How much do you want for this dress?'

"Ehmmmmm for you.... 4 euros."

And this is where I died.

Hihi I'm kidding of course, but I am pretty sure my heart skipped a beat of two. I didn't know how fast I could reach for my coins and I quickly handed them over to the seller. I swiftly rolled up the dress and prepared to make a run for it, in case the seller was temporarily struck with insanity and he would all of a sudden realize he bestowed a treasure upon me for a fraction of its worth.... *run Forrest RUN - Fly you Fools - Going going GONE* When we got home, the first thing I did was try this gorgeousness on and she fits me perfectly. The button closure on the back is a bit short, so getting into the dress is a bit of a challenge but I couldn't care less. This is LOVE!

April 8, 2013

Thrifted: Let's do an 80s look

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I have told you guys about my favorite thrift store many times before. And I have to say, discovering that little shop in Maarssen has been the gift that keeps on giving. The other day I went for a quicky-thrift and found myself a lovely set for less than 10 euros! I love the colors in this eighties dress so much! Instead of going for a 'save' colored belt, I figured a pop of yellow would be even more fun! I can't wait to take this outfit out and about.
Gold necklace € 1.95

Belt € 1.50

Dress € 6.50

In total: € 9.95

April 7, 2013

Outfit: Spring-y feeling

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Being Dutch and all... it was kind of a shame I had never seen Paleis Het Loo. So we went there the other day.... and although the outside was gorgeous, the inside was quite.... kitsch. Comming from someone who usually loves kitsch, this wasn't a good thing haha. And there were chairs everywhere... how much chairs can one need? But we had fun anyways! I wore a spring inspired outfit, since the sun was finally out!

Dress: vintage (FrouFrous)
Jacket: vintage Escada
Sunglasses: H&M
Belt: thrifted
Watch: thrifted
Necklace: H&M
Shoes: River Island
Bag: vintage (Giensch)
Scarf: vintage (ILV market)
Tights: Oroblu (after a year of loyal service, they are now slowly dying)