April 8, 2013

Thrifted: Let's do an 80s look

I have told you guys about my favorite thrift store many times before. And I have to say, discovering that little shop in Maarssen has been the gift that keeps on giving. The other day I went for a quicky-thrift and found myself a lovely set for less than 10 euros! I love the colors in this eighties dress so much! Instead of going for a 'save' colored belt, I figured a pop of yellow would be even more fun! I can't wait to take this outfit out and about.
Gold necklace € 1.95

Belt € 1.50

Dress € 6.50

In total: € 9.95


  1. It looks great. I cannot believe we are starting to love the eighties again (for the 'us' that went though it last time). Love the belt.

  2. Gaaf zeg! Ik vind vooral de ketting heel mooi! Welke winkel is dat? Daar moet ik ook heen! :D

  3. The 80's is perhaps one of the most memorable. The volume, color and exuberance were commonplace in dressing. The 80's produced some interesting things. Fashion wasn't its strongest point. But i really admire eighty's style. Liked the dress shared in this post!

  4. The styling is what makes the dress..


... it makes my day!