December 17, 2013

Outfit: The Flapper dress

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My lovelies! Thank you so much for all the sweet and enthusiastic comments on my blog post about this 1920ish dress I thrifted.... I loved reading your messages <3 A lot of you gals shared that you would like to see the dress in an outfit, so on a lazy Monday evening I decided I'd dress up especially for you dears. Now I do not have an occasion yet, but if I do I will probably style the dress like this...... roaring and extravagant!

Have you got an outfit picked for the holidays yet?

December 9, 2013

Thrifted: Sparklin' 1920s

10 lovely comments
I still owe you dears a post on what I thrifted in England! Now I primarily spend money on foods & drinks in the UK, so there is little to show... quantity wise that is...... but when it comes do quality, my oh my did I stumble upon yet another pearl. In a little charity shop that supports cancer research I came across this beautiful twenties inspired cocktail dress. It has the comfort of a modern dress, but the look of a true roaring gem (well, a little bit more fitted in the waist). I can NOT wait to take this beauty out..... I think I will pair her with a beautiful stole and pearls a galore...

How would you dears style this prettiness?