May 27, 2013

Trips&travels: Strassenkreuzer Festival Kaunitz

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Ooooh I love going to vintage-y events. I had been to the Strassenkreuzer Festival two years ago and that experience left me with many fond memories. One risks disappointement when returning to an event two years later, but I am glad to say we had a blast AGAIN! I love this German festival because the atmosphere is great, there is proper beer and food everywhere and there are a lot of vintage stands. And with that I don't mean retro inspired wears (which I admit on appreciating more and more these days) but true authentic fashionable gorgeousness. I spotted some great forties dresses, original 1950s shoes, great old stock costume jewelry and lots LOADS more. I was craving for a fifties circle skirt and a new hat, but I found neither. Not because of the lack of beautiful things, I could have bought many many splendid alternatives, but I am trying to be more selective these days to prevent myself from.... well.... buying EVERYTHING I like haha. Here are some snaps from this great festival!

May 23, 2013

Outfit: Central Rome

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Every day, while waiting downstairs for the family to gather for some more sightseeing, we roamed around in between the Pantheon and P. Navona. Our little routine was to enjoy true Italian coffee at a bar next to the apartment building every morning before heading downtown. I just love to wake up and grab a good cup of coffee, the best way to start your day! These pictures were shot just around the corner from where we stayed. What a life.....(L)

Dress: vintage (Etsy)
Necklace: vintage (Episode)
Sunglasses: Primark
Shoes: Dolcis

May 22, 2013

Trips&travels: The streets of Rome

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Rome is of course very touristic. And although we did see most of the sights ourselves, finding those cute little streets and authentic Italian neighborhoods is what a vacation is truly about to us. I do believe we passed through most of the streets in the old center and we discovered many lovely hot-spots (where you can still find actual Italians enjoying Roman life.) There were two areas which we loved the most; Trastevere and the areas on the west side of Piazza Navona (Parione, Regola and Ponte). Of course there were still tourists there, but less than in the direct surroundings of the sights, creating a more Italian atmosphere and more reasonable prices. Let me run you through some of our favorite places and hotspots.
A lovely 1954 Fiat in Trastevere

Via Della Pace... a lovely place with multiple terraces


The market at Campo di Fiori, beautiful stands filled with freshness
Tip: Via dei Giubbonari is filled with lovely shops and a stunning old pharmacy

Piazza dei Bianchi Vecchi... where the table wine was 8.50 a liter haha!

Tip: Find yourself some true porchetta at a delicacy store
(this one is located at Trastevere)

Not very affordable, but fun to look at (Campo di Fiori)

Loved this orange wall in Trastevere

The area of Parione (on the west side of Navona) was filled with
cute shops and restaurants Tip: at night this area is booming
with young Italians... great atmosphere!

Piazza del Popolo, near Villa Borghese; a great park with a view over the city...
Tip: Bring your own foods and drinks!

A vintage shop at V.D. Governo Vecchio. There were more vintage
shops in that street... but they were all similar

The best wine bar ever, with the most divine cheeses at
V.D. Bianchi Vecchi: Enoteca Il Goccetto

Tip: ice cream from Giolitti.... THE BEST

A very vintage hair salon in Trastevere

Loved the flowers stands all over Rome!

Marnix enjoying a beer while I visited a vintage shop

How freakishly cool is this!

Tip: The 'Morellino' at Enoteca Il Goccetto was the best!

An American inspired bar near the Pantheon

I always feel like dancing!

Marnix was loving his Giolitti delicacy as well

Don't just grab a beer at the first terrace you see... search for those small hidden
streets or grab a drink from a super market and have a small
picknick in one of the many parcs!

Tip: to enjoy a good coffee or a beer for a good price, visit bar
Milano at Largo Giuseppe

Tourist pasta...

Rome is AMAZING!

May 17, 2013

Outfit: Stripes and Dots

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Modern technology can be such a blessing.... hahaha. Because we followed the weather reports in Rome closely, we knew the first day was going to be clouded. So I took some tops with sleeves with me to cover those 'colder' moments. I was thrilled to wear this striped Mango top with my dotted fifties skirt. It kind of reminded me of the outfit Carrie wore when she traveled to Paris (in the final episodes of SATC.)
I was so happy that I decided to wear some headgear as well. Raindrops were falling on my head throughout the day, so I would have looked like a drowned dog if I didn't wear this lovely summer hat. We visited the Pantheon, the Trevi fountains, several churches and the Spanish steps. Such beauty.... Such beauty indeed....

Gotta love this view from the apartment!
Hat: H&M 
Top: Mango
Skirt: 50s vintage (Episode)
Bag: vintage (I Love Vintage)
Scarf: thrifted
Shoes: Dolcis

May 16, 2013

Trips&travels: Roman sights

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Last week we visited Rome with the family for a short holiday. We stayed right in the middle of the center in a gorgeous four bedroom apartement. Rome is too beautiful to be true and we managed to visit all the sights and enjoy Roman life in between. This post filled with all stunning captures from Rome is to get you in the mood and prepare you for all the Rome posts to come. Including manny outfit posts of course! So, do you recognize all these historic places?