January 27, 2013

A most quirky discovery

When we were making our little trip through Zeeland and Belgium, we discovered this most intriguingly unexpected place... No one told us in advance that the province Zeeland is absolutely and completely abandoned during the month of January. Shops are closed, restaurants aren't open for business and it even looks like the locals are somewhere else.
On a search for some food, we passed by this VVV (tourist info) and we decided to see if someone there knew where we tourists could go for a bite (no where apparently...) Anyways, they weren't able to give us some advice since tourist season did not start yet and most of the establishments would be closed. But we did discover there was a tiny little shop (Ferini) located where the VVV office was. Now, I use the term 'little' loosly. Once chatting with the shop owner, she pointed out that there was a shed with more bric-a-brac and antiques behind the shop. So off we went for a look around and that is where we discovered the most GIGANTIC space filled with gorgeous stuff from passed times! I managed to snap some shot for you to get an idea of what I'm talking about. But I also wanted this to point this amazing place out to those of you on the look for original antique home decoration. From complete vintage porcelain china, lamps, dressers to tiles and doorknobs... they had it all at affordable prices. I can imagine this place to be the answer when you are looking for that one special door handle or a specific piece of furniture. It is a true historic treasure cave! Couldn't you just live there?


  1. Hallo Darling,
    Was dat toevallig in Nieuwvliet?

    1. Jazeker, het adres staat in de link van de winkel :)

  2. This place looks amazing! You must have spent hours in there looking over the trinkets! It looks like it would be hard to resist!


  3. What a cool place! Love all the neat pieces! Creepy that every thing was abandoned in January! :)


  4. Oh wow, dit ziet er zo geweldig uit!


  5. Oh my god!!!! Im Impressed!! Very cool place! :)


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