June 30, 2012

Red velvet

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A most recent 40s/50s Episode purchase... to die for! No need to say more.

June 29, 2012

Twenties from the Boardwalk

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These screenshots are from the HBO series Boarwalk Empire. I am infatuated with this show! The story takes place during the Prohibition period in the twenties and thirties. I´m going to forward you guys to Wikipedia for learning more about the story (which is great!) Because this post is about the gor-gor-GORGEOUS fashion in the show! Each lady in the series has a different personality and matching wardrobe. There is saucy Lucy, pure (and naughty...) Angela, manipulative Gillian and sagacious Margaret.... which one is your favourite?


Angela and Gillian

Margaret (middle)

Inspired by these pictures? I put together a selection for you lovelies in case you feel like creating that roaring look yourself. These items all breathe 1920s flapper girl and are currently available for sale.
1. Black beaded tunic, 2. Pink satin pumps, 3. White emroided dress, 4. Leather embelished pumps, 5. Rich necklace, 6. Decadent sequin clutch.

My adventure finds

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And this is what I thrifted with the ladies!

A very virginal blouse... for a DIY project

Rosegold/gold bangle

I love belts like this!

June 28, 2012

The thrifting three

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Oh yeah... another thrifting adventure took place; but this time I was accompanied by two gilrfriends. We went to Zeist and Maarssen to look for treasures, with succes of course. The lovely Tante Patent scored an amazing tweed jacket (amongst other things) and pretty Merei took home a lot of groovy seventies plastic (and the most sexy pants!) Let me show you some of their finds, I'll show you mine later ;)
This has written 'corny' all over it haha...

YES! We are lo-ving this blouse: sold!

Foxy laaaaadyyyyy.... pants and purple skirt were taken home

This one didn't make the cut... but isn't it lovely (;P)

Smile! X

Detailed preview on todays topscore.... the tweed jacket (see her blog for more)

I was in love.... (bag is thrifted too by the way)

Pottery that makes someone glow like that needs to be bought!

..... It wasn't mutual.....

Enjoying some fried fish after an exausting thrifting adventure *nom nom nom*

June 27, 2012

The Roses

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'There once was a thriftaholic, on the look out for bargains in the beautiful city of Amsterdam. A trooper she was... but after grubbing through piles and piles of 80s violence, her spirit almost broke. Exhausted and let down, she made way to a coffee shop for some much needed caffeine. She almost entered the shop when in the corner of her eye, a magical piece of cloth caught her eye. There, on the bottom of a huge pile of rubbish,  it lied; the most pretty piece of rose filled fabric she had ever seen. They locked eyes and it was ment to be; they lived happily ever after'
Hahahaha, a girl cant help but to feel romantic from time to time... Slighty exaturated on some levels, it's mostly true. I found this lovely cirkle skirt on the bottom of a humongous pile when thrifting in Amsterdam. It cost me 3 euro's and I love it! It was the only thrift find that day (besides from a dress I grabbed for Tante Patent), since most of the stuff was too eigthies for my taste. But it was worth digging all day!

Skirt: thrifted
Shirt: Zara
Belt: vintage
Sunglasses: Primark
Jewelry: antique/thrifted
Scarf: vintage
Sandals: Primark

June 26, 2012

Ask me anything!

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Hello dear readers! Occasionally bloggers do a 'question and answer' bit on their blogs. I thought that might be fun to do as well. I always love to answer people's questions, makes you think about things you sometimes haven't thought about in a while :D 

So do you have any questions you'd like to ask? Fashion-, vintage-, personal-, styling-, thrifting-, cat-, cupcake-related.... and/or something completely different; feel very free to ask me anything! You can email me on tess_doeve(a)hotmail.com or send me a Facebook message :) I'll turn the answers into a post later of course.

Dutch beauty

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Holland has many pretty settings, like the gorgeous town Deventer. Or all the tiny villages in between. Capturing the beauty of it is the most difficult part, since the weather has been awfull for the last few months. Anyways, here are some shots I made that have got little to do with fashion... but they do give an idea of how well the Dutch mix the old with the new.
The crookedness is what makes them even more cute. 'Koekbakkerij' means 'cookie bakery'

He took a stand for liberty!

A path to the most adorable courtyard from the thirties

Cute little farm

New, (very) old, new... 

Gorgeous street in Deventer

Typical Dutch street traffic (I'm kidding...)

Can you imagine living there... *sigh*

June 24, 2012

I Love ILV

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Yay! On Wednesdays, the lovely webshop 'I Love Vintage' has their weekly give-away. Last week I won! I chose this cute Hell Bunny dress as my pressy and I'm so happy with it! I normally don't really like polkadots, but the kobalt blue colour of the dress makes up for that. It's fifties all over with modern comfort. Kitty likes the dress too; she even wanted to come in the picture :)

Thanks so much ILV!