June 29, 2012

Twenties from the Boardwalk

These screenshots are from the HBO series Boarwalk Empire. I am infatuated with this show! The story takes place during the Prohibition period in the twenties and thirties. I´m going to forward you guys to Wikipedia for learning more about the story (which is great!) Because this post is about the gor-gor-GORGEOUS fashion in the show! Each lady in the series has a different personality and matching wardrobe. There is saucy Lucy, pure (and naughty...) Angela, manipulative Gillian and sagacious Margaret.... which one is your favourite?


Angela and Gillian

Margaret (middle)

Inspired by these pictures? I put together a selection for you lovelies in case you feel like creating that roaring look yourself. These items all breathe 1920s flapper girl and are currently available for sale.
1. Black beaded tunic, 2. Pink satin pumps, 3. White emroided dress, 4. Leather embelished pumps, 5. Rich necklace, 6. Decadent sequin clutch.


  1. OOh die leren pumps van topvintage... zo mooi!
    Wbt de dames: ik ga voor Gillian. Mooie look met die parels, het krullenbobje en het haarsieraad.

  2. Schitterend, alleen nu geen geld :(

  3. Ah leuk! Deze kende ik nog niet, ga het meteen kijken :)
    Heb je madmen al helemaal uitgekeken? En ken je downton abbey? Die series zijn ook zo vet!

  4. toffe foto's! love the twenties! En die kledingstukken die jij hebt samen gesteld zijn ook echt prachtig. die jurk wauw.


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