November 28, 2012

Liebster Award

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I am such a goose.... I completely forgot to reply to the Liebster Blog Award that was given to me by the lovely Sabine from Trash Fashion. Sorry darling! I do appreciate the gesture so so much... so here is my belated reply; eleven things about me, eleven questions answered, ´young´ bloggers nominated and my eleven questions to them.
Eleven things about me:

1. I am addicted to historian television shows. Or anything with good fashion.
2. I have a silly crush on Eric from True Blood.... (I like tall and blonde)
3. Which is why I watched the SATC seasons about a million times.
4. I am convinced I have an actual connection with my cats.
5. I am possessed with oysters... yummmm!
6. My favorite drink is a gin&tonic.
7. I still love Guns&Roses.
8. I never liked Titanic.
9. I love to cook (and eat, as you probably noticed.)
10. I prefer all vegetables raw instead of cooked.
11. I am currently pining for something chocolaty.

The questions Sabine asked:

1. Why do you keep a blog?
To have a creative outlet and honor all the vintage treasury out there.
2. What is your biggest hobby?
Everything related to Fashion History. Series, movies...books, blogs (L) LOVE!

Boardwalk Empire as one of my absolute favorites

3. What is your favorite shop?
Episode, the biggest treasure chest ;) I have found so many gorgeousness there...

4. What is your favorite blog?
I don't like picking favorites hihi... I have too many and it depends on what mood I'm in!

5. What is your favorite song?
Gold Dust Woman by Fleetwood Mack

6. How much did your most expensive pair of shoes cost?
I think 137 euro's and I wore them to my wedding.

7. What is your favorite charity?
I believe in sharing and caring about those that are near to you.... not so much in general charities. Just help the ones next to you out instead, because there are always people in your direct environment who could use a little love and care (L)

8. What is your guilty pleasure?
Pre-made lasagna from the Lidl. I know. It's wrong.

9. If you could steal someones wardrobe; whose would it be?
Carrie Bradshaw's!!!

Just love love love her style in SATC

10. What if you were to participate in the 2016 Olympics; what sport would you choose?
Ice skating, because of the adorable costumes.... in which I would look like a glittery sausage... never mind -_-'

11. Who would you love to meet?
I believe I already mentioned a certain someone named 'Eric'......

The bloggers (with less than 200 followers) I nominate..... 

......and the eleven questions I have for these kittens: 

1. What is your most cherished possession?
2. What is your favorite flower?
3. What is your favorite city trip?
4. What would your perfect house look like?
5. Do you like cheese?
6. Are you wondering why I asked that?
7. What television show would you recommend to vinthusiasts?
8. If you had 1000 guilt-free dollars to spend, would you spend it on clothes?
9. What is your favorite historian love story of all times?
10. Do you ever experience a lack of understanding when it comes to your style?
11. If you found a kitten right now; what would you name the little bugger?

November 26, 2012

Carrie Bradshaw-ish

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For some reason, I always feel a bit like Carrie from SATC when wearing a turban.... I remember her wearing fancy headgear throughout the seasons. What can I say, I jusst LOVE her style in the series. Patricia Fields (stylist) really pulled that one off if you'd ask me. I wore one of my favorite winter coats to go with the turban for a stroll through our town with the hubby.

Coat: 60s vintage (Giensch)
Skirt: vintage (from Paris)
Gloves: vintage (Episode)
Cardigan: Primark
Blouse: H&M
Belt: fleamarket
Tights: Primark
Shoes: Bronx
Turban: Six
Necklace: Six

November 24, 2012

Sparkles of winter

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I love glitter, gold and gems. Everything sparkly appeals to me hihi, my husband even calls me a 'magpie' (in Dutch  ekster) because I'm always attracted to shiny things. Here are some of my latest sparkly winter purchases. Just look at that turban... *sigh* Do you also love sparkles as much as I do?

Twenties inspired turban: Six
Fine gold necklace: Six
Sparkly bracelet: H&M
Statement necklace: H&M
Nappa gloves: Episode (vintage)
Gold coin purse: Episode (vintage)

November 23, 2012

Attic Empire

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Today I wanted to put another vintage entrepreneur in the spotlights; vintage collector Eefje. Born and raised in a second hand shop, Eefje is now the proud owner of Attic Empirea webshop as well as an actual vintage store in Amsterdam! She tells about her passion for 'pretty things from the old days' and how she gets inspired by vintage craftsmanship, since she is a designer herself. Her vintage collection first grew into a webshop and since October 2012 she expanded and opened a shop in Amsterdam (Van der Pekstraat 61.) Here is a selection I put together of my favorite items on the webshop. 
You can find a lot of designer vintage on Attic Empire

I LOVE this clutch!

This has to be the best party dress!

Silk gorgeousness....
And kittens.... make sure to check the webshop out yourself, because Eefje has given all of you darlings a discount of 10% on everything till the end of the year: ATTICLOVE10

November 19, 2012

Doris Day December

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For all you darlings from London. or visiting London in December... This might be an interesting 'vintage night on the town' for you. BFI Southbank decided to put the sometimes unappreciated star Doris Day in the spotlight, showing a huge selection of DD films... what a tribute! I just love the British Film Institute for their quest to create greater understanding of and acces to (vintage) film and television. Here is some information on BFI's Doris Day December.
For seven consecutive years from 1959, Doris Day was one of the top four box-office attractions and for four of those years she shone at the number-one spot. Forty-four years after she quit films in 1968, she is still the top female box-office draw of all time. Yet no other major star’s often first-rate work has been so misunderstood and egregiously underrated.

Over 20 years she made 39 films but you’ll search in vain for early footage of Day, born in Cincinnati in 1924, honing her skills. Acting hadn’t been part of the plan – she was ‘discovered’ while working as a band singer – but in 1948 she debuted on screen in the lead role of eager, gum-chewing Gloria Garrett in It’s Magic.

Her shimmering recording of the title song sold over a million copies, but even without that it was instantly apparent to Warner Bros that her appeal was not simply vocal. Bright-eyed Day’s rare combination of zinging technical precision and radiant warmth effortlessly translated into a screen persona that spelt financial success.
 Her immediacy and attractive lack of guile kept her afloat through 16 further pictures with the studio, most of which were nostalgic musicals epitomised by Tea for Two and On Moonlight Bay. The latter ushered in her tomboy persona, a shift that hit paydirt in Calamity Jane.

The true depth of her dramatic skill only became clear when she left Warners in 1955, playing opposite bullying James Cagney in Love Me or Leave Me. Her ability to delineate and transmit emotion then peaked as Hitchcock’s far-from-bland blonde in The Man Who Knew Too Much.

But it’s the late romantic comedies, particularly those with Rock Hudson starting with Pillow Talk that, for good and ill, cemented her reputation. They catapulted her to her greatest success but the times were against her. Sixties permissiveness was a playground for male, not female, sexuality. Day’s defiant independence was written off as frigidity and her notably sincere conviction didn’t match the era’s cynicism. Revisiting her still critically neglected work reveals Day as an unsung heroine, a woman who held out for what she believed in.
BFI Southbank celebrates Hollywood’s golden girl this December with a dazzling season of some of her finest and best-loved films, including her perky screen debut in It’s Magic, Wild West musical Calamity Jane, Hitchcock’s classic suspense film The Man Who Knew Too Much, and highly successful romantic comedy Pillow Talk, co-starring Rock Hudson, launching with Resurrection Day!: Doris Day season introduction.  

Resurrection Day!: Doris Day season introduction
Doris Day made her name in musicals (which most cineastes despise) and compounded the felony starring in rom-coms (which they detest). No wonder she’s been critically dismissed. Heralding a season devoted to restoring her reputation, Variety critic David Benedict casts such snobbery aside and rediscovers a gifted comedienne with rare dramatic skill. With clips from the well-loved Calamity Jane to the little-screened Midnight Lace, he shatters her ‘virginal’ image and celebrates the sheer finesse of one of Hollywood’s most underrated actors.

Tue 4 Dec 18:20 NFT3 Tickets £5

And kittens... that's not all... stay tuned, because BFI will be giving away a GORGEOUS prize package complementary to the Doris Day season you do not want to miss!

November 17, 2012

Give-away 10; Bally and pearls

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The winner of this give-away is REBECCA! Congrats babe!

November 14, 2012

Stop Staring James!

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I had been eyeing this Stop Staring dress for a while now. But it's not that 'easy' for me to buy a dress over 200 euros. There is just this huge mental barrier.. I guess to protect myself from going bankrupt haha. I normally just don't spend that much money one just one item, since I have so much already. But on the morning of our James Bond party, my darling husband convinced me I should go for it. And since I had been loving this dress for weeks, we headed to Notorious where I splurged big time! I wore it to our James Bond party and I felt amazing. I say it's an investment well spend. What about you; do you ever splurge like this?

Dress: Stop Staring (Notorious)
Earrings: Notorious
Bracelet: Primark
Ring: Primark
Shoes: Primark
* Hair by Madame de Pompadour

November 12, 2012

His name is Bond....

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This year I turned 25 while a strapping gentlemen we all know as James Bond turned twice my age. We decided these were good reasons to throw a little cocktail party. So we did, and the theme was (of course..) James Bond. We rallied up some of our closest friends in their best gear and had an absolute blast. The cocktails were flowing richly while famous Bond soundtracks played in the back. Here is a little impression of our get-together.
The essential bowtie; check

Party time....

Little snacks and vintage dishes

Miss Moneypenny

Our retro living room and a véry handsome man...

Beautiful ladies and gents

My love my darling (L)

What prettieness!

Dashing shoes and matching gold liquor

Oh so lovely lady....

Some vintage cocktail recipies

How many gorgeous ladies can one room handle!?

Cufflinks, of course....

By the end of the party I let my hair down, what I wore...? To be continued...