November 24, 2012

Sparkles of winter

I love glitter, gold and gems. Everything sparkly appeals to me hihi, my husband even calls me a 'magpie' (in Dutch  ekster) because I'm always attracted to shiny things. Here are some of my latest sparkly winter purchases. Just look at that turban... *sigh* Do you also love sparkles as much as I do?

Twenties inspired turban: Six
Fine gold necklace: Six
Sparkly bracelet: H&M
Statement necklace: H&M
Nappa gloves: Episode (vintage)
Gold coin purse: Episode (vintage)


  1. I love everything,especially the turban!great finds!

  2. Oh how fabulous are these..all of them up and ship them to me. No, seriously, lol Merry Christmas to me. They are fabulous dahling. They will look lovely on you :D

  3. Yes! Amazing sparkly pieces! The turban is incredible!



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