April 30, 2012

Give-away 5; Guess!

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Lovely ladies! What beautiful e-mails you have send me regarding this give-away. It breaks my heart a little I can't bless all of you with a gorgeous pair of shoes. I knew it would be hard for me to choose just one e-mail, therefore I took the amount of dedication you girls show towards this blog into consideration as well (one point for every medium FD is followed with.) I'm very pleased to see some of you follow me in more than just one way; a great way to spread the love! In the end, when adding up all the points, one girl ended up with the highest score...

And this happy winner is: Marjolein Kinds!

No orange

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Today is Queensday, and that means the entire country wille be turned orange! I like the idea of Queensday, celebrating the royal family in a very festive way with all kinds of jolly activities. It is also the one day in the year people are allowed to sell or their no longer wanted items on the street; the whole country is one big market place! Orange however, I don't feel as warm hearted abouth. The colour doesn't look good on most people, and it absolutely doesn't look good on me. So I am wearing this! I really wanted my nosy cat to be in a picture with me... but she was being reluctant as ever haha...

Skirt: 50s vintage
Sweater: C&A
Shoes: Guess
Glasses: Primark
Earrings: Primark
Brooch: vintage

April 29, 2012

Emma Domb

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I love love LOVE Sex and the City. I have watched every episode at least five times (since I have all the seasons on dvd) and I'm still not bored with watching Carrie and het friends. Stylist Patricia Fields has always been kind of a role model for me when it comes to styling. The pieces she gathered for the SATC girls are amazing and the combinations even more so.
Of course we all know the high end labels she uses.... Valentino, Armani, Prada... an so on. But after a bit of research, I soon found out she used a lot of designer vintage as well for styling the show. Which brings me to Emma Domb (one of the labels used by Fields in SATC), a relatively unknown designer here in The Netherlands, but oh so big in the fifties! Emma Domb was a dressmaking company based in San Fransisco, producing mostly evening wears grom 1939 till the seventies. The company was owned by Emma and Lorraine Domb Steinberg. They specialize in party, prom, wedding and cocktail dresses. 

I'd say Domb is a label for those who like the classic American prom look. Big New Look dresses, with tiny waist, tule, lace, organza and petticoats. But Domb also produced gorgeous slim sixties evening wear for those who are more into the clean early sixties silhouette. Patricia Fields used Domb couture throughout the show and in the first movie. The blue dress Carrie is wearing while showing everyone her new appartement in the first SAT movie is a (probably shortened...unfortunately) Domb gown.

When you get you hands on a Domb dress; cherish it. The label is very wanted by collectors and lovers of the label, and therefore they're worth quite a lot. I understand, since the Domb designs breath luxury and crafstmanship. The colours are always gorgeous and the fit of the dresses is very elegant. Domb dresses are made of the most beautiful delicate and detailed materials, you'd almost want one to just look at occasionally (recommendation; Google 'Emma Domb' and get lost in an endless sea of the most gorgeous creations!) It is said that wearing a Domb gown makes you feel elegant and feminine at all times. And I can actually confirm this myself, since I have one hanging in my closet... 

April 27, 2012

Fifties Blue

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Spotted at H&M, this elegant fifties inspired dress. I just love the colour, bodice and the neckline. How great will this dress look on a tanned summer skin! I wonder how you would style this beauty...?

April 26, 2012

New in: pastel love

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Oh how I love pastels... I have always loved them, but since they're now in season I can cruise the shops looking for the perfect shades to fit my skintone. I'am quite pale and not all pastels look good on that kind of skintone. Here are some of my latest find... ánd my version of a lovely DIY project I stumbled upon recently.
Another trendy item we can't seem to ignore are perspex clutches. Fendi...Valentino... Charlotte Olympia; they all had a specimen in their collections over the last few years. It's not a new invention, during the fifties lucite clutches were very popular and I'm pretty sure the modern-day versions are inspired by the authentic ones. I really love them (old ánd new) but most of the times they are quite expensive; so why not make your own! I followed in the footsteps of many bloggers before.... because I have seen the DIY-clutch projects in many shapes and sizes. But it took me a while to find the perfect sized box myzelf. So here is my version!
Acrylic box + vintage-y doorknob= clutch!

River Island strappy sandals; bought at the RI-Elle night with a nice discount

Strappy H&M sandals... love the rose metallic 

Voila! My Blackberry, some perfume and a wallet in there is all I need

Pretty shiny details

You can buy these knobs at Xenos for instance! The box was the wrapping for a perfume bottle.

RI love (L)

I see myself!

Gorgeous mint green vintage sequin blazer

April 19, 2012

Bright sixties

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A quik-spring-look in between; all shopped at Asos (sale) making the entire outfit cost less than 125 euro! I just love the combination of the bright colours. A modern-day outfit with a hint of sixties!

Press shopping!

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For a visit to the World Fashion Centre, I had to wear a fashionable outfit (wihtout losing my style... since I'm not very much like most Dutch fashionista's.) I wanted to wear killer heels, but unfortunately my feet are suffering from an injury, so I wore these patent leather cuties instead. The skirt I've had for years.... but I fell in love with it this morning.... it always makes me happy when that happens!
The press agencies SoPR and Anna Scott held an 'open house' to showcase their new autumn/winter collections. I went to visit the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam (where these offices are based) with a fellow stylist. We had such a fun and very inspirational day!
SoPR holds some amazing brands, like; Michael Barnaart van Bergen, Nelly, Vlieger&Vandam, Rinascimento, Elisabetta Franchi.... and so on. They gave us a very warm welcome with delicious drinks and matching bites, ánd awesome goodies of course! I didn't bring my camera to the Fashion Centre (silly me...), so unfortunately I only have some mobile pictures. You can find lovely pics on the SoPR Facebook page though.

CANDY (L) those cakes.... phenomenal!

Fashionology jewelry; véry cool!

Trying on some fifties inspired designer glasses hihi

After visiting the SoPR showroom, we went to see Anna Scott, where we enjoyed a very warm welcome as well! Anna Scott is lovely label which sells womens wear with a touch of extra detail. Every piece has a cute button, or lining, or pattern etc.. The clothes of Anna Scott are very wearable, but fun and lively at the same time. Ideal for women who like feminine clothes with something 'quirky' to it (without it becomming childish.) A recommendation!
Skirt: H&M
Blouse: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: vintage
Belt: vintage

April 17, 2012

Busy sunny day

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The day I was driving around Utrecht, sorting out my pop-up shop, I was wearing a very jolly outfit. It wasn;t even that warm outside, but the presence of sunshine always brings out the summer-girl in me (I was born in the middle of the summer after all.)

Skirt: vintage
Cardigan: H&M
Shirt: Primark
Belt: vintage
Scarf: vintage
Shoes: thrifted
Necklace: H&M
Sunglasses: Primark

April 15, 2012

The place we call home...

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Here are some of the latest additions to our interiour. Some were wedding gifts, other were thrifted. We don't like modern furniture, or modern things in general for that matter haha. So we tend not to buy anything 'new' unless it's absolutely necessary.
A wedding gift from friends who understand our style haha 

Thriftes embroided birdies... to fit our minty-green hallway

We believe his thrifted lamp to be quite old... i's very heavy!

Jugenstil 'Mucha' style mirror
Cute thrifted kitties!

Original  Danish  1950s design chairs (só comfy!)

April 13, 2012

Good old times

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Oh yes... the first wednesday I went thrifting as a married woman was, again, a succes! I scored two lovely dresses (one is very 'Lolita' and a the other is a bright yellow rock 'n roll dress.) The third item is a quirky early sixties jacket with great texture in the fabric, colours and huge wooden buttons!