August 30, 2012

Butterflies love flowers

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I don't really own much fashion items with butterflies on it. I guess butterflies quickly give off this 'childish' vibe, which makes me want to avoid them. This new Primark dress however, I think is very pretty and not childish at all. The colours are just so beautiful and the flowy material makes this a very dreamy dress. The fact that there are butterflies on it, doesn't bother me at all... I'm quite fond of them to be honest hihi. Now I don't want to be to much of a 'fairy' when wearing this beauty. So inspire me dear ladies (and gents of course); how would you style this romantic dress?

August 28, 2012

My Scotch side

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As most of you probably know, I started a new job as a Scotch&Soda stylist about two months ago. This is a parttime job of course, since I'm also a freelance editorial stylist. As a S&S stylist, I am responsible for dressing and styling customers. Something I absolutely love to do! Helping people look their best is one of the most rewarding things in the world. Now, I understand one might think S&S fashion ain't my style... Which is true, in general... but that doens't mean I'm not loving the fashion. As a matter of fact; I am quite fond of it! I think Maison Scotch is a gorgeous line of womens wear, with the most intriguing styles, materials and colours. So I am in fact very passionate about this label. Good for me, since a part of being a stylist is dressing the part (and wearing the label.) I do this with love and I feel amazing when dressing up in a funky denim, trying to find a way for S&S and FD to unite.. giving it a vintage twist. To keep thing interesting; I challenged myself to wear a different outfit every time I go to work. Different jewelry or even a different pair of shoes; as long as there's sómething new about the total look. And to keep track, I make a mobile snapshot every morning before the store opens. Here are a few of my very modern (not so vintage) looks from the past few weeks.

August 27, 2012

The flea market haul

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Oh how I just live for the thrift... or as I'd like to call it 'the treasure hunt.' You can wake me up for a good flea market at all times! I have to admit, I am picky... most flea markets I find to be boring, or even disappointing. But fortunately, a véry good fleamarket is held montly in my town. I am so happy with the beautiful goodies I found the other day at the Vechtsebanen flea market in Utrecht. I hardly ever find so many pretty things in one day! Do you? Let me run you through the treasures I brought home.

A gorgeous never used leather bag (much prettier irl) and belt; 15,-

I always fall for these antique fashion prints; 7.50 (for the set)

A pretty 30s blouse (another family heriloom the seller told me); 3,-

Paper dolls to dress up (Barbie's precursor!); 3,-

August 26, 2012

Here come the bubbles

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Yay! My H&M bubble necklace just makes me so happy. It's cute and fun; just the way I like my jewelry to be from time to time. I wore the darling with a new seventies dress when I visited the parents up north.

Dress: 70s vintage
Necklace: H&M
Jewelry: vintage/antique
Belt: thrifted
Shoes: Bata

August 25, 2012

Time for pretty people and festival pics!

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Ooohhlalllaa.... imagine a rockin' party in a boiling barn with lots and lots of beer, sleeping on a campsite and waking up in the freshly awakened sun. The second (and final) day of the festival began. Fortunately, we were spoiled by the fact that there were people baking eggs and making coffee. I don't think I would have made it through a second day of fulltime heat without it haha. After a solid breakfast, I set up my clothing rack. Of course I figured people were not going to try on extravagant vintage dresses in these temperatures. But I carried on anyways... (without succes haha.) 
The second day of the festival turned out to be amazing because a lot of visitors put on their sunday's bests and that was just amazing to gaze at. Here are some pictures of the festival, the visitors and our stand! Who is your favourite dressed of the day? I thought the lady in the two-piece forties ensemble looked a-ma-zing! We had such a blast. So many pretty cars, awesome tattoos, gorgeous outfits, handsome men, tastefull refreshements, swinging bands and of course there was a lot of dancing! Thank you sweeties for making this an amazing weekend to never forget!

August 24, 2012

The thrift challenge

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Those of you following FD on Twitter and/or Facebook already knew I challenged myself to thrift an entire vintage inspired look in one day. To do so, I went to my favourite thrift store last monday. I have to admit that I was not sure wether I'd succeed... Finding pretty things while thrifting all depends on what they have, so I knew I'd had to be lucky...
And lucky I was! I found a very pretty 30s inspired floral dress which was going to be the base of my look. After carefully searching through every singel piece in the shop (find tips&trics on how to thrift here) and I ended up only missing out on a pair of shoes. There was just nothing there to fit the look (and my feet haha.)  But I am very happy with final result... and here it is; my one-day-one-shop-all-thrifted-vintage-inspired look. What do you think darlings?

Sunglasses were already mine (H&M)

Dress: 7,50
Bag: 2,50
Belt: 1,-
Purse: 0,80
Earrings: 0,80
Bangles: 1,50
In total: 14,10