August 24, 2012

The thrift challenge

Those of you following FD on Twitter and/or Facebook already knew I challenged myself to thrift an entire vintage inspired look in one day. To do so, I went to my favourite thrift store last monday. I have to admit that I was not sure wether I'd succeed... Finding pretty things while thrifting all depends on what they have, so I knew I'd had to be lucky...
And lucky I was! I found a very pretty 30s inspired floral dress which was going to be the base of my look. After carefully searching through every singel piece in the shop (find tips&trics on how to thrift here) and I ended up only missing out on a pair of shoes. There was just nothing there to fit the look (and my feet haha.)  But I am very happy with final result... and here it is; my one-day-one-shop-all-thrifted-vintage-inspired look. What do you think darlings?

Sunglasses were already mine (H&M)

Dress: 7,50
Bag: 2,50
Belt: 1,-
Purse: 0,80
Earrings: 0,80
Bangles: 1,50
In total: 14,10


  1. Impressed indeed! And I knew you could do it.

  2. Leuke outfit en leuke challenge! Ik ga morgen met behulp van jouw shopping guide een dagje winkelen in Amsterdam.

  3. Heel goed gelukt! En lekkere prijsjes ook! Wel jammer van de schoenen, maar die zijn ook héél moeilijk!


  4. Such cute finds! I love the earrings. You always make out when you go thrifting..lot's of nice vintage pieces. You should see some of the 50's prom dresses that I have found lately...

  5. Ik zou me heel graag laten stylen door jou Tess ;-) ! Een bijna complete outfit voor 14 euro's .. Wow!

  6. Mooi, welke winkel was dat?

    En je bewijst opnieuw... smaak is niet te koop ;)

  7. These earrings are perfect. That is real treasure, you are lucky one :))
    Bag is great too. And the prices of course!

    I am thriftaholic as well as you. It's not so easy to find smth really vintage in my city, but when it happens, I get absolutely happy. I'm glad to find your blog, it is really inspiring.


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