March 27, 2013

New in: Heinz Oestergaard

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Are there even words needed..... all I could think when I picked this dress from the 'antique dresses' rack at the Episode store in Amsterdam was; please please PLEASE fit me... AND IT DID! Like a glove, truly like a glove I say... I was so thrilled to find this gorgeous magenta taffeta-liciousness. Honestly, I probably would have bought it even if it didn't fit me. Just to be able to gaze at it.... It is just so pretty! When I discovered it was a Heinz Oestergaard, I was even more thrilled. Hihi... what excitement can one feel while spending only 29 euros. A lot I say! What do you think about this pretty darling?

March 25, 2013

Outfit&tips: The Black Dress

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When headed for a fabulous vintage b-day needs to gear up. Which meant I finally had an excuse to wear the Gerry Roxby bomshell dress I got at I Love Vintage a while ago. A dress such as this can not be worn in every day life, it needs to be taken dancing. The fit is incredible for my body type... so if you have an hourglass figure like me where a lot of repro clothing is too big in the waist; check Gerry Roxby out! I didn't feel like the dress needed a lot of accessories and for some reason I also didn't want to wear red on my lips. I went for a new shade of matte pink lipstick I got at Catrice for 3.99; another recommendation for those of you craving for rosy pink lips without any metallic/glossy-ness. So here's the party look and yes.... dancing we did... the night away....

Dress: Gerry Roxby (ILV)
Clutch: vintage (Giensch)
Shoes: Dr. Adams
Tights: Primark
Bracelet: H&M

Ultimate colour by Catrice; shade 210, Piccadilly Circus

March 20, 2013

Tips&trics: Peachy springspiration

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The weather really get's me down these days and I haven't been able to feel inspired to blog. I do, however, love to blog and as soon as I posted I was in need of some ideas (on Facebook) you all came to my rescue hihi. This post is filled with some 'springspiration' as one of you darlings suggested, to get you in a sunny mood. I figured I'd go looking for some lovely vintage and vintage-y items (now available in stores.) I can't help but love these gold, nude and peachy colors.... they just look so fresh. Just the way spring is supposed to be. Yes..... I can already smell fresh flowers while feeling a slight warm breeze in my hair... you see, it's working already! Thank you dolls ;)

Give-away 12; To a loved one

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My darling followers! This month I want to do something different. And I hope you will help me! I got inspired by a response someone gave to a post of mine on a fashion forum. Someone who is unfortunately not as blessed financially. *THIS GIVE-AWAY HAS ENDED*

I posted that I sometimes feel sad when looking at women in general and the way they dress; As I am kind of a nostalgist (using the term loosely since I obviously love this modern time we live in too), I believe in femininity and grace when it comes to dressing ourselves. Of course modern day life doesn't allow us to dress up every day. I just wish some of us ladies out there would make a bit more of an effort from time to time.... you know.... when you go out to dinner, or have a special occasion. Don't just go for that good old faithful jeans all the time... embrace your female elegance! 

A rough translation of my post, on which someone pointed out to me that there are ladies out there with the will to dress up, just not the finances. Of course this should come as no surprise as we experience a period of economical 'depression', but it still made me think. And even though I do count my blessings every day, I still think it was good for me to read I should never take that for granted. We should never take anything for granted :)

I have been giving away a lot of vintage goodies before, because I always wanted to spread the vintage love... But I always used a random generator to pick one of the entered followers without knowing more about them. This time I want to give away vintage goodies to ladies who really deserve it. And that is where you come in. I would love it if you kittens would help me by nominating a loved one, you think deserves one of these two vintage accessory sets. Someone who really deserves to receive a lovely package filled wild vintage gorgeousness to brighten up their wardrobe. So do you know anyone of that kind? Pleas let me know! Everyone may enter someone... followers ├índ non followers! Just everyone who read this post and got inspired to suprise someone. 

So here's what the packages are filled with!
These shoes are a size 39 (UK 6) and NEW + a pearl pendant necklace

This purse is made of leather + a cameo pendant necklace

*Both packages will be complemented with an issue of 
Vintage Life magazine!

This is how to enter someone:

Post a message here telling who you would like to nominate and why, underneath this post... and don't forget to add an e-mail adress! I would really love to hear your stories. Please feel very free to share this give-away on your blog, Facebook, Twitter and so on.... I want to reach as many of your darlings out there. This give-away is just the start, there will be many more of these give-aways in the future. Following this blog is not a necessity, this is a non sponsored post (well... by me I guess hahaha) and the give-away is open internationally!

March 17, 2013

Outfit: First sunshines

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Yes, there is actual proof in these pictures; there were some signs of sunshine today. Only for a mere second, but still I was counting my blessings. The horrible weather has really taken a toll on my mood over the last few weeks. I honestly feel less like dressing up, the constant rain and cold are just not inspiring at all. Let's hope spring will arrive soon! The ongoing cold did provide the opportunity for me to take my latest forties inspired thrift find out for a stroll. Don't you just love the detailing and the diagonal design of this old H&M (!!!) cutie?

Dress: 80s vintage (market)
Jacket: thrifted
Belt: thrifted
Tights: Oroblu
Jewelry: vintage/antique/thrifted
Shoes: some random shoe-shop (Arnhem)

March 16, 2013

Thrifted: A latest haul

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We went on a thrift this weekend (kringloop Zeist) and I have to say I found some lovely things! I had been looking for a new watch for a while, since the one I got for my last birthday is already starting to loose it's color. Which is a bummer, but hey at least I found a lovely new specimen to tell me what time it is hihi.... Anyways, let me show you what else I found!
Adorable watch + box 12.50

Silk scarf 1,-

Love this leather clutch for only 4.50

Leather waist belt 1.25

Great forties inspired blazer 4.75

March 4, 2013

Outfit: Bargain 1940s

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Why bargain? Well, that would be because the hat, jacket, blouse and skirt are all thrifted and cost me a total of 12 euro's all together. I just love it when a look comes together with thrifting treasures from the past. I have to say all the other elements in this look were steals as well... the shoes I got at a Sacha outlet years ago and they cost me a tenner because the box was damaged in some warehouse fire, the gloves are from an H&M sale a while back and the bag was as expensive as the shoes. I guess 'Bugsy' is the most 'priced' possession in this look.... for the slamming amount of 8 euro! Oh yes, such a posh little chap he is....

Jacket: thrifted
Skirt: vintage (T2)
Blouse: vintage (T2)
Bag: vintage (Sussies)
Shoes: Bronx
Gloves: H&M
Belt: fleamarket
Brooch: vintage

March 3, 2013

New in: The white mink

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I literally 'oeeehhhh' and 'aaaahhh'-d when I spotted this white gorgeousness just as I was about to leave the Episode flagship store in Amsterdam. I own quite a few vintage furs, but I have to say this is by far the most stunning specimen in my closet from now on. The white mink fur is incredibly soft and in such good condition as well. I adore the romantic nude lining almost as much as the outside... just look at the details. I am sure this darling is going to be the centerpiece in many many vintage situations to come!

I'm a strong believer in prolonging the life and use of vintage products, like furniture and fashion. You will never see me purchase something at Ikea, for I am convinced I will always be able to find what I need in a thrift store. Everything we need can be found second hand. Therefore I also purchase and use vintage furs for styling work, as I would any other 'material' used in vintage items. Being sort of a nostalgist, gives me a different point of view on the use of vintage fur. I believe it is gorgeous and those pieces from fashion history deserve to be cherished and honored, but I would never purchase new fur. If there was no vintage fur, I would not wear fur at all... nor would I purchase new faux fur. This in not about sending out the message that 'fur is ok,' to me it's about re-using vintage products without making distinctions and fur is simply a part of that vintage world. I am aware of the different opinions and I have the greatest respect for any other opinion on the use of vintage fur. This is just a little something I wanted to share.

All that remains to be a tad curious about.... who was this fabulous lady named Viva?

Letitia Ann Sage says hi from 1785

March 1, 2013

Behind the scenes: The Cathedral Shoot

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Shoot time! Yay, I was so pleased to get back on the saddle, I have missed out on shooting over the last few months due to family affairs. So you can imagine I was thrilled to be able to style some stunning models again. With a gorgeous team that Madame de Pompadour put together, we went to the Metaal Kathedraal in Utrecht to do some vintage inspired shooting. Madame made these mind blowing hairpieces, while I provided the styling complementary to her hair designs. Of course the official shoot will remain a secret for now. But here are some behind the scene snaps to get you in the mood....