March 3, 2013

New in: The white mink

I literally 'oeeehhhh' and 'aaaahhh'-d when I spotted this white gorgeousness just as I was about to leave the Episode flagship store in Amsterdam. I own quite a few vintage furs, but I have to say this is by far the most stunning specimen in my closet from now on. The white mink fur is incredibly soft and in such good condition as well. I adore the romantic nude lining almost as much as the outside... just look at the details. I am sure this darling is going to be the centerpiece in many many vintage situations to come!

I'm a strong believer in prolonging the life and use of vintage products, like furniture and fashion. You will never see me purchase something at Ikea, for I am convinced I will always be able to find what I need in a thrift store. Everything we need can be found second hand. Therefore I also purchase and use vintage furs for styling work, as I would any other 'material' used in vintage items. Being sort of a nostalgist, gives me a different point of view on the use of vintage fur. I believe it is gorgeous and those pieces from fashion history deserve to be cherished and honored, but I would never purchase new fur. If there was no vintage fur, I would not wear fur at all... nor would I purchase new faux fur. This in not about sending out the message that 'fur is ok,' to me it's about re-using vintage products without making distinctions and fur is simply a part of that vintage world. I am aware of the different opinions and I have the greatest respect for any other opinion on the use of vintage fur. This is just a little something I wanted to share.

All that remains to be a tad curious about.... who was this fabulous lady named Viva?

Letitia Ann Sage says hi from 1785


  1. Wow, daar had je wel een heel exclusieve jas te pakken!

    En dit is mevr. Pauling ;)

    Google is soms zo leuk.

  2. Pretty!! I have a 3/4 length white mink that looks very similar. Same big, rolled collar. It's my favorite!

  3. Wow that is pretty fancy that this lady had her name embroidered in her coat. Looking forward to seeing pictures of you in your new fur coat! Since fur isn't considered the norm nowadays, I bet you get these coats at really great deals. I can just imagine what this coat must have cost back then.

  4. It is simply incredible! What a gorgeous, grandly elegant coat made all the more intriguing by the inclusion of her name embroidered so beautifully inside.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. How beautiful and I completely agree with your viewpoint of fur. I think vintage should be cherished and rather save that beautiful coat than let it end up in a landfill. :)

  6. Wauw! De binnenkant is zeker schitterend! Dit is toch het redden en dragen waard? Ik ben het absoluut met je eens wat betreft het dragen van bont. En de mensen die zeggen dat het niet kan, lopen zelf vaak op leren schoenen met een leren jas en leren riem en tas en wie weet hebben ze zelfs wel een 5-persoons leren bankstel in huis staan. Nieuw bont ben ik overigens ook geen voorstander van nu ik weet hoe het er aan toe gaat in de bontindustrie.

    Nog even over je vorige eigenaresse:
    Viva Joy Pauling, was born 27 May 1916; received Social Security number 450-26-4390, which corresponds to Texas; and died 13 January 1997 in Las Vegas, Clark county, Nevada.

  7. Love, so classy!

  8. What a beautiful fur! I absolutely love the little bow detail on the inside! I just bought a vintage astrakhan coat from the 1930's and it has the name "Elizabeth" embroidered inside...I wonder the same thing as you do about your Viva!


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