October 31, 2013

PARTY: Stepford Hell

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"Let me bake you a goody-good delicious leg of Lamb dear......"

Inspired by "Lamb to the Slaughter" by Roald Dahl....this year, Madame de Pompadour and myself dressed up as housewives from Hell to an awesome Halloween party in Den Haag (PIP). As the evening proceeded, out outfit became more gruesome and disgusting. Ooohhh my, we just love love LOHHOOOVVEEE Halloween, the dressing up.... the freaking people out.... what will be your scary-freak look this year kittens?

THE END.....

October 26, 2013

Tips&outfit: Brighton

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Sweet heavens... how we loved Brighton... I heard some good stories before going there so we were pretty exited to begin with, but what an INCREDIBLY awesome and gorgeous town Brighton is. The seaside and pier are lovely to visit, but the old town center with the mysterious 'Lanes' is what really gets vinthusiasts like ourselves going. The North Lanes are packed to the max with vintage, antique and thriftilicious hot-spots... one could have only dreamed of such a place. We spend a total of two days there, just roaming around on the streets... eating, laughing, drinking and shopping. On Saturdays, the streets of the North Lanes are blocked from traffic and the people all sit out on the streets enjoying each others company, while grabbing one of the many yummy bites and listening to live music. The atmosphere is just so incredibly catching, it is an absolute feast to be there! Here are a few snaps from Brighton. Unfortunately I did not manage to capture the great vibe out on the streets of Brighton, it was just too crowded to make proper pictures... but I guess you'll just have to take my words for the utter awesomness over there. Sounds like a place you would visit my loves?

Dress: 40s vintage
Hat: thrifted
Shoes: Bleyer
Gloves: H&M
Accessories: thrifted/antique

October 19, 2013

PARTY: Shady Grove Shakedown

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Come hell or high water, it is time to shake things up in good old Utrecht! This September we will put our shady asses together for a proper dirty south hoedown. Fuelled by the craziest swamp sounds, Saturday the 28th the Lebowski will be the place for some bumpin n grindin, titty twistin, hoodoo stompin action! So get of your porch and grab your rusty guitars.  We are going deep into the grove and we would like you to get your hick on with us! This night is going to madder than a bobcat caught in piss fire!

The 28th of September, me and my darling Madame de Pompadour held our first big hoedown! We have been wanting to throw a huge party for a while and last month our dream came true <3 In the GORGEOUS Lebowski (Utrecht) we gathered up the most amazing band, two incredible DJ's and about 250 people to dance the night away.... AND DID WE! The first edition, in what will hopefully become a chain of Shakedown events, was an absolute succes. Check out our Shakedown website and these party pics to get an idea of our PAHAHAAAARTY! See you there next time?

 Some quick pics made by me <3