October 26, 2013

Tips&outfit: Brighton


Sweet heavens... how we loved Brighton... I heard some good stories before going there so we were pretty exited to begin with, but what an INCREDIBLY awesome and gorgeous town Brighton is. The seaside and pier are lovely to visit, but the old town center with the mysterious 'Lanes' is what really gets vinthusiasts like ourselves going. The North Lanes are packed to the max with vintage, antique and thriftilicious hot-spots... one could have only dreamed of such a place. We spend a total of two days there, just roaming around on the streets... eating, laughing, drinking and shopping. On Saturdays, the streets of the North Lanes are blocked from traffic and the people all sit out on the streets enjoying each others company, while grabbing one of the many yummy bites and listening to live music. The atmosphere is just so incredibly catching, it is an absolute feast to be there! Here are a few snaps from Brighton. Unfortunately I did not manage to capture the great vibe out on the streets of Brighton, it was just too crowded to make proper pictures... but I guess you'll just have to take my words for the utter awesomness over there. Sounds like a place you would visit my loves?

Dress: 40s vintage
Hat: thrifted
Shoes: Bleyer
Gloves: H&M
Accessories: thrifted/antique


  1. Oh so beautiful photos. You really had a nice time. Your dress is so lovely and the rest of the outfit too!

  2. Brighton is so awesome! I've been there for two months, and I loved the city too :-)
    Oh, and it's North Laines, not Lanes. In fact, it has nothing to do with lanes, Laines is an old English word for meadows - and those were where the North Laines are now, long, very long ago ;-)

  3. Timelessly beautiful outfit! I love the pleats on the skirt coupled with the lace on the sleeves. What a romantic, elegant combination.

    ♥ Jessica

  4. Brighton sounds and looks like a nice play to go. Vintageshops everwhere? Yes, please! And please, tell me more about your dress. It looks fantastic with its puffy sleeves but I´m not sure whether it´s 80s-does or not?

    1. I have to say I am not 100% sure... but it is an oldie and I reckon it is from the forties, due to the material and the nature of the shoulder pads (very stiff and made of linnen.)

  5. Ooeeh, mijn vriend en ik zijn ons aan het oriƫnteren voor een weekendje weg. Brighton klinkt als een goed idee! Hele mooie outfit ook! Ik ben verliefd op je hoedje!

    XX Sonja

  6. Your dress and hat seem oh so right for a beach in the autumn. Lovely! x

  7. Brighton looks so fantastic and fun! I would love to visit there! Your outfit is just the perfect seaside look! Your dress and hat are perfection!


  8. I would love to visit Brighton! Lucky I didn't when you were there though because I would steal that outfit right off you!! LOVE that dress and those gloves are from H&M?!


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