February 10, 2013

Golden delight

'Yes please... of course I'll try on this golden brocade dress...'  is what came to my mind when I spotted this fifties ballgown at Laura Dols (Amsterdam.) The first try I was so disappointed, the zipper wouldn't close and the dress looked just... wrong on me. As I took it off I felt the tears bubbling up (well, not literally but the proverbial I-don't-fit-this-vintage-beauty-tears... I'm sure you kittens know what I'm talking about.) I love gold and I have been infatuated with gold dresses ever since watching 'To Catch a Thief' where Grace Kelly wears a gold lamé gown in the closing scene, an Edith Head design. When I put the dress back on the hanger, I noticed that the straps were shortened. So I figured I'd give the beauty another try without putting the straps on (strapless).... like a GLOVE! Without the straps I was able to pull the dress down a bit, making the waistline fit perfectly and the bust cover my puppies to perfection. It turned out the straps were still intact and when I undid the shortening, the were long enough to fit me with the rest of the dress. So whenever a vintage garment doesn't quite fit... but almost... make sure to check out what adjustments can be made for it to be your size. It can be that easy!

J'adore Grace!


  1. Can't wait to see you wear it! And good tips indeed! You're completely right - sometimes it's alterable!


  2. There is something so opulent, romantic and wildly gorgeous about a gold gown. I adore the vintage one you picked up and am so glad you were able to get it to fit you wonderfully.

    ♥ Jessica

  3. I love gold in all it's glamourous states too!Chiffon, tulle, taffeta, lame,sequins, silk....the list goes on and on. It is the ultimate in formal luxury. I just bought a soft gold brocade dress and gold gloves to match and can't wait for an excuse to wear them. xx Shauna

  4. Omg..I was scrolling through my feed when this caught my eye immediately! I love the gold sheen of this how lovely! I am sure you will look divine in this my friend.

  5. What a gorgeous dress - thank goodness you tried it on in a different way - can't wait to see it on!


  6. very lovely dress indeed! You should post pics of you with it on!!


  7. like like like!!! Golden love.


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