February 14, 2013

Thrifted; Old rose jacket

I love this pink jacket! It has a narrow waist and accentuated shoulders; very fortie-ish I'd say.... I found it for 4 euro's in my favorite thrift store De Sirkel. Now let's figure out how to wear this darling. Any ideas kittens?


  1. Love the shape and the colours! Would look great over a cream dress or perhaps paired with grey?


  2. Mooie kleur !

    Heb jij niet een heel donker paarse Levi's?
    En bij wit of cognac staat deze kleur denk ik ook mooi. Misschien op de bruine pantalon van ILV? Of bij andere tinten roze of juist grijs.

  3. That's good that it has a narrow waist and accentuated shoulders,it makes this jacket more trendy although the colors is also different and is looking cool.


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