February 19, 2013

Tips&trics: Primark-ably vintage

I love Primark. Yes, because everything is cheap. But also because I can always find just the right accomplices to go with my vintage looks. Wearing head to toe vintage isn't an easy task. For starters finding the right size and fit can provide difficulties and of course comfort plays a factor as well. As much as I love vintage, I do like convenience as well. That is why you will always find some modern additions in my vintage looks. And since I own so many stuff, I like to keep it cheap. Primark has a huge and variable collection in which I can always find those vintage-y items to top off what I'm wearing. As long as you know what (and what not) to buy at Primark, this huge Irish fashion chain can become as reliable a friend to you as it has been to me. I recently visited Primark and I made a list of favorite items I tend to buy there occasionally to complement those retro outfits.

Almost every time I visited Primark I found myself some cute vintage inspired shoes. I use them for photo shoots and I wear them myself. I have to say the quality found in Primark wears is variable... but if you look closely (check the seams etc.) you will be able to find proper quality for very low prices. There are pairs of Primark shoes is my closet I have owned and worn for years now... so it is possible! Here are some cute pairs that are now in stores (both €15,-)

You will always be able to find adorable vintage-y tops at Primark. The selection of tops, shirts and blouses is probably the biggest and the variety is great. I have many tops from Primark, some basic to finish off a look and some cute enough to make an entire look. Make sure to run through the rack of a top you're interested in. Shoppers (and staff) at Primark are not very careful with the garments in the racks, so checking out the condition of the rest will give you an idea of it's quality. Here are three pretty darlings from the current collection. A sixties inspired cutie for €15,- and a classic fortie-ish doll for €13,- The Breton striped long sleeves (€7,-) are basics at Primark and I love them to go with fifties skirts.

Purses, scarfs, corsages, belts, hats and jewelry; if you look closely you can find many cute vintage-y styles for only a few euro's a pop. The only thing I would never recommend buying in the accessory department are watches and items with too many gems glued on them. Those are the items where cheapness just doesn't do any good.

YES! I think 90% of my sunglasses are from Primark. They're just too cheap to be true (prices run from 1.50 to €3,-) and there are so many different colors and shape I always find myself a pair. Since I tend to wreck sunglasses very frequently, the low prices are perfect for me. That way I can buy 10 pairs a years without going bankrupt or having to face the sun without shades! 

Many of you ask me where I get my tights. Well, almost all of the cutesy tights I wear with my vintage skirt and dresses are Primarks! The quality is actually quite good and they always have so many cute versions. I have worn many pairs from different stores that were way more expensive, yet I destroyed them faster than some of my Primark pairs. Prices run from 1.50 to 5,- in general. Yay!

These basic vintage-y cardigans (€10,-) are available in many different colors. The fit is pretty, the fabric is comfortable (viscose) and they will last you a long time. I have had a few of these cardigans for over a year and they're still in the condition I bought them in. The scalloped neckline and adorable buttons are just the cherry on the cake.


  1. So many nice things. I want tights, cardigan and first pair of shoes. I want Primark in my town :(

  2. I love the shoes! You also have a lot of nice dresses in the fifty's style

  3. Oh, dat eerste paar schoenen! Ik heb zelf ook al een paar keer echt hele mooie vintage achtige dingen gevonden bij Primark!

  4. Ik krijg weer helemaal zin om naar Primark te gaan! :-D Het tweede paar pumps is supercute! Ook de topjes en zonnebril zijn erg leuk. Ik heb zelf ook 2 van die vestjes en die heb ik gekocht tijdens mijn laatste bezoek aan de Primark, ook al meer dan een jaar geleden geloof ik... Zijn nog helemaal goed.

  5. I totally agree! I buy a lot of Primark to wear with vintage or just to create a vintage look. Those first shoes are beautiful I might have to get them. I'm a big fan of cardigans from Primark and when I like one I always get a few colours. I got a couple of pairs of sunglasses there last week and will always get a pair or two when I go in so I have something for every outfit.

  6. Your article about Primark comes just on time as I intend to pay it a visit! I'll definitely look for the cardigans, tights and sunglasses :)

  7. Great blog post! Primark do some really cute vintage inspired things. Totally agree

  8. I have lots of sunglasses fom Primark too, and their hosiery is great also!

    I might have to pay it a visit on my afternoon off...

    P x

  9. Is this a sponsored post?? Don't get me wrond, I love your blog and how you advertise vintage(and quality) but Primark is too cheap to be "good",a post like this doesn't really attribute to the uniqueness of anyone's blog...

    1. It's not sponsored Anna :) I have had truly good experiences with Primark and that is wat this post is about. I absolutely know about a lack of quality in Primark wears. It's just not the case with everything and I wanted to point that out to those who maybe have a smaller budget, but are still interested in wearing vintage looks :) there are items I wouldn't recommend. But the items as shown above have been in my closet for such a long time, I would recommend them to others!

    2. Ok, thanks for your reply, Buying real vintage can be cheap too, and is much better for the environment! If you have time/the eye for it, it is be so much more rewarding than just buying at Primark...:)Re-use, re-cycle more, have a look at what;s indide your closet and stop buying so many items that don't last!! Keep up your vintage-looks, love them!

  10. I'm absolutely agree with you... I love Primark!

    Saludos de Una Pin Up Frustrada,
    Helena Drive

  11. I agree about the shoes - I bought three (I know...!) pairs of brogues in different colours in the sale, not only do they look and feel nice, but they were an absolute steal.

    I get basic tees and tights there too - they look great with vintage pieces.

    I didn't know they did stocking - must check that out!



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