February 8, 2013

Two birds with one thriftstore

Have I ever told you kittens how much I love thrifting....? Of course I have! Well let me add yet another marvelous thrifty story I most recently experienced. It all happened in Maarssen where one of my favorite thrift stores (De Sirkel) is located. I always try to enter a thrift store empty minded, expecting too much often leads to disappointment. Marnix and me were on the lookout for a few small household items and we quickly succeeded in finding them. By the time we reached the cash register I managed to find myself two pairs of footwear, both fulfilling previous footwear related wishes....

The All Stars

For my job at Scotch&Soda, I have to wear closed shoes. Which can be quite limiting during those hot summer days. The only type of shoes I endure for work (where I stand and walk all day) during the summer are All Stars. So I have been browsing for a new pair over the last few weeks. But I just find it hard to spend 60/70 euros on a pair of relatively 'simple' sneakers haha. At the Sirkel I ran into these black high tops. Now I prefer the lower version, but I do like black and they are in very good condition. Of course I took them home for 5 euros. I'm sure I will eventually buy the Ox Bloods I really want, but then at least I can say I spend 65 euros on two pairs of All Stars hihi. A great find!

The Cinderella Skates

With the heavy winter weather hitting the Netherlands, everyone has been high on what we call 'Skating Fever.' As soon as frost hit the waters for a some good nights in a row, we Dutchies hit the ice! My darling already bought himself some black Vikings in December. But I had my mind set on some cute white retro figure skates. I have to say I almost forget about finding skates completely, untill I ran into a rack filled with skated. That is where I find these gorgeous leather darlings... I just love how they look, they're in good shapen and actually quite comfortable as well. Of course they went home with me for 5 euros!

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