February 29, 2012

Beautiful Vixen Vintage

Most of the time, I get inspired by old things....people from the past.... history. But every once in a while, someone extroardinary comes along who is alive, kicking ├ín blogging about vintage! Solanah, from Vixen Vintage, is known by many in the vintage scene.... but I believe she has a little something that makes her stand out from all the rest. It's always a pleasure to watch her excellent style and taste. Just have a look at these pictures...

These are just a few of my favourite outfits I found on Vixen Vintage, but make sure to visit Solanah's blog to watch all the lovely others stuff she puts on there. Her blog isn't just about her personal style, it's also about lovely (vintage) adventures and trips, vintage shopping, all sorts of tutorials and so on.... I love the beautiful pictures she makes and the way she describes them.


... it makes my day!