March 16, 2013

Thrifted: A latest haul

We went on a thrift this weekend (kringloop Zeist) and I have to say I found some lovely things! I had been looking for a new watch for a while, since the one I got for my last birthday is already starting to loose it's color. Which is a bummer, but hey at least I found a lovely new specimen to tell me what time it is hihi.... Anyways, let me show you what else I found!
Adorable watch + box 12.50

Silk scarf 1,-

Love this leather clutch for only 4.50

Leather waist belt 1.25

Great forties inspired blazer 4.75


  1. Love your new things. I m so sad cus I wasnt on trift when I was in Holland :(

  2. Ontzettend leuk! Ik vind vooral die clutch en dat horloge prachtig! In welke winkels in Zeist ben je geweest?

    1. Echt 'kringloop Zeist,' en dat zit aan de v.d. Heijdenlaan :)

  3. All the stuffs that you have found are nice, but i liked the blazer most. Also that scarf and belt are lovely. Loved your findings.


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