April 19, 2012

Press shopping!

For a visit to the World Fashion Centre, I had to wear a fashionable outfit (wihtout losing my style... since I'm not very much like most Dutch fashionista's.) I wanted to wear killer heels, but unfortunately my feet are suffering from an injury, so I wore these patent leather cuties instead. The skirt I've had for years.... but I fell in love with it this morning.... it always makes me happy when that happens!
The press agencies SoPR and Anna Scott held an 'open house' to showcase their new autumn/winter collections. I went to visit the World Fashion Centre in Amsterdam (where these offices are based) with a fellow stylist. We had such a fun and very inspirational day!
SoPR holds some amazing brands, like; Michael Barnaart van Bergen, Nelly, Vlieger&Vandam, Rinascimento, Elisabetta Franchi.... and so on. They gave us a very warm welcome with delicious drinks and matching bites, ánd awesome goodies of course! I didn't bring my camera to the Fashion Centre (silly me...), so unfortunately I only have some mobile pictures. You can find lovely pics on the SoPR Facebook page though.

CANDY (L) those cakes.... phenomenal!

Fashionology jewelry; véry cool!

Trying on some fifties inspired designer glasses hihi

After visiting the SoPR showroom, we went to see Anna Scott, where we enjoyed a very warm welcome as well! Anna Scott is lovely label which sells womens wear with a touch of extra detail. Every piece has a cute button, or lining, or pattern etc.. The clothes of Anna Scott are very wearable, but fun and lively at the same time. Ideal for women who like feminine clothes with something 'quirky' to it (without it becomming childish.) A recommendation!
Skirt: H&M
Blouse: H&M
Shoes: H&M
Necklace: vintage
Belt: vintage


  1. Wat een super leuke outfit. Snap het falling in love gevoel bij die rok helemaal.
    de panty is ook echt geweldig, waar komt die vandaan?

    1. Van deze weet ik toevallig nog dat het een Bijenkorf sale was, Oroblu!


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