November 12, 2012

His name is Bond....

This year I turned 25 while a strapping gentlemen we all know as James Bond turned twice my age. We decided these were good reasons to throw a little cocktail party. So we did, and the theme was (of course..) James Bond. We rallied up some of our closest friends in their best gear and had an absolute blast. The cocktails were flowing richly while famous Bond soundtracks played in the back. Here is a little impression of our get-together.
The essential bowtie; check

Party time....

Little snacks and vintage dishes

Miss Moneypenny

Our retro living room and a véry handsome man...

Beautiful ladies and gents

My love my darling (L)

What prettieness!

Dashing shoes and matching gold liquor

Oh so lovely lady....

Some vintage cocktail recipies

How many gorgeous ladies can one room handle!?

Cufflinks, of course....

By the end of the party I let my hair down, what I wore...? To be continued...


  1. Lovely pictures darling. It sure was a swellegant elegant party! Thank you for the hospitality, I really enjoyed it. :-D

  2. Wauw wat een geslaagd feestje! Iedereen ziet er zo mooi uit!

  3. Mooi groepje fashionable vrienden heb je om je heen verzameld zeg! Ziet er uit als een geweldig feestje! Nog gefeliciteerd! :) XX

  4. Oh please, this is just awesome!
    I wanna celebrate my 22 in this way!

    Helena Drive

  5. A James Bond party! How delightful! Everyone looks so classically fabulous!



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