November 10, 2012

Photoshop & collage fun!

Sometimes, it's just fun to make a play with pictures! I discovered this great photo shop website called 'Pic Monkey' a while ago and I have used it a lot since then. For photo shopping, but also for making collages (like Facebook headers.) So if you feel like getting creative with your pictures; go check it out. Here are some examples of what I made with Pic Monkey.


  1. Leuk die schoenen zo bij elkaar!

  2. I adore your shoes!!!!!
    Come and stop by whenever you like, it makes me happy.
    kisses Coco

  3. Lovely collages..I like the shoe one OF COURSE! you can ship them all to me whenever you want. Message me for my I like you scary pic

  4. Uitermate handig, dat picmonkey. Bedankt voor de tip! ;-)


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