June 28, 2012

The thrifting three

Oh yeah... another thrifting adventure took place; but this time I was accompanied by two gilrfriends. We went to Zeist and Maarssen to look for treasures, with succes of course. The lovely Tante Patent scored an amazing tweed jacket (amongst other things) and pretty Merei took home a lot of groovy seventies plastic (and the most sexy pants!) Let me show you some of their finds, I'll show you mine later ;)
This has written 'corny' all over it haha...

YES! We are lo-ving this blouse: sold!

Foxy laaaaadyyyyy.... pants and purple skirt were taken home

This one didn't make the cut... but isn't it lovely (;P)

Smile! X

Detailed preview on todays topscore.... the tweed jacket (see her blog for more)

I was in love.... (bag is thrifted too by the way)

Pottery that makes someone glow like that needs to be bought!

..... It wasn't mutual.....

Enjoying some fried fish after an exausting thrifting adventure *nom nom nom*


  1. omg I love those pants.
    I am jeulous

  2. Oooh ik wil die paarse rok!

  3. Oh haha ik zie nu pas dat Aristocats-overhemd... !

  4. Really great finds! I love the printed top! And the gnome is pretty cute!




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