May 27, 2013

Trips&travels: Strassenkreuzer Festival Kaunitz

Ooooh I love going to vintage-y events. I had been to the Strassenkreuzer Festival two years ago and that experience left me with many fond memories. One risks disappointement when returning to an event two years later, but I am glad to say we had a blast AGAIN! I love this German festival because the atmosphere is great, there is proper beer and food everywhere and there are a lot of vintage stands. And with that I don't mean retro inspired wears (which I admit on appreciating more and more these days) but true authentic fashionable gorgeousness. I spotted some great forties dresses, original 1950s shoes, great old stock costume jewelry and lots LOADS more. I was craving for a fifties circle skirt and a new hat, but I found neither. Not because of the lack of beautiful things, I could have bought many many splendid alternatives, but I am trying to be more selective these days to prevent myself from.... well.... buying EVERYTHING I like haha. Here are some snaps from this great festival!


  1. Everything about this day seems like soooo much! Ooohh, you'd have been hard pressed to pull me away from some of those vintage accessories, let me tell you! :)

    ♥ Jessica

  2. This looks like a really fun event - love the photos of the cars!

  3. Oh wat heerlijk ziet dat er uit! Zulke leuke auto's ook!


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