July 21, 2014

Trips: Samois loves Django

And so the trip continued..... to the GORGEOUS town of Samoin-sur-Seine, once called home by gypsy legend Django Reinhardt. And that why where we went there, to meet other Djangofiles at the Django Reinhardt festival. How? A few months ago we decided to go there on nothing more than pure intuition and the overwhelming feeling that it might me amazing.... And it was, my oh my it was... Five days of NON-STOP live music by thousands of musicians from all over the world. It truly was a mesmerizing trip. We met SO MANY amazing people, got enjoy the best shows, drank the most amazing 'vin de table', attented some of the best jam sessions I have EVER seen and enjoyed floating on the Seine. There truly are not enough words in the world to describe how magic this trip was.....
Such a great line-up!

STUNNING village... <3

Cyrille Aimee.... stunning, sexy and very talented

Why take the car when you can get there by ship...

Preview of an outfit post at a castle....

We felt this was her Lord of the Rings moment

Great wine, pretty girl....

Love these guys!

Of course, patisserie!

Love the festival grounds.... so picturesque!

Even the rain didn't spoil the great atmosphere

RUDY and camp site jam sessions

Hate the view..... 

Late night camp site jam session <3 Met the singer from Toy Hearts... she ROCKS


Aaah I want to go back now haha

In between fun

See you next year Samois!

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  1. That looks like such an amazing trip. I love travelling for music festivals and concerts, I feel like it becomes so much more of an experience than when you're just in your normal space. Everything just seems like more fun, and just getting dinner becomes kind of an event.


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