March 6, 2012

The Big Project

A few days ago, I worked on a very big styling project. Hair-guru Madame de Pompadour asked me to style a project she was planning for her new website. Knowing she is capable of creating the most magnificent hairdo's, I was instantly intrigued.... but when she told me there were going to be six models and three photographers (each using different techiniques), my answer was: yes! (Get ready for a picture overload!!!)

So off we went to the huge building Robin (Madame) currently resides in, to shoot some pretty pictures. Photographer Frank Kouws joined the team in the end, making the whole lot existing of:  a hair artist, make-up artist, an assistant (making sure we were all taken care off throughout the day), six models (a few of them are artists from the vintage/burlesque scene), four photographers and two stylists. I was bringing authentic vintage sets and the other stylist brought pieces from young Dutch designers.

Robin lives in the so called 'Maliehuis,' a big old four-story mansion that was previously used as an office... now empty and up for sale. Her living there is also a way for the town of Utrecht to make sure the building doesn't decay over time (as long as it is up for sale.) You can imagine a big building like that having lots of rooms and space for each photographer to build an own set. Two photographers used digital camera's, the other two used analogous camera's.

The day started at 8:00 AM with the first two models in hair and make-up. Each model was going to wear two sets throughout the day (every girl wearing one of my sets.) Since I am a vintage stylist, the pieces I brought were very 1930s-1950s (inspired) and complemented by amazing vintage-inspired hairdo's. I ran all day, up and down the stairs... from set... to set... to dressing room... to set. And we ended at 9-ish in the evening!

By the end of the day, everyone was completely siked and utterly exhausted! I had a marvelous day, where I met a lot of nice and talented people. I hope the pictures are going to be as mind blowing as the day itself was. A very special thanks goes out to everyone participating in this amazing project!


  1. Ziet er goed uit! En wat een prachtige kapsels! <3

  2. Wauw ziet er allemaal tof uit.
    Alleen het vosje :(

    1. Dank je! Ja ik gebruik vintage bont... maar dit vosje (Fred) wordt al jaren door mij geliefd :)

  3. Wow!! I'm in love with all the outfits and hairstyles. Must of been such a fun day.



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