March 7, 2012

Press Only

Yesterday, I went shopping for an upcomming shoot and visited some of my favourite adresses in Amsterdam. One of them is press office Press Only. I love that they have a huge selection of different brands (clothes ánd shoes, which is always handy.) I was very pleased with my findings! But when I was waiting for my selected items to be wrapped, something incredible happened...
I was asked for my shoe size.... '38, why?' was my response.  "Oh just try on some of these Guess shoes.... if you like them, you take them home with you!" 'SAY WHAT!?' So of course I tried them on... and I took home these four (!) pairs of vintage-like Guess shoes. The quality is great and they are só comfortable! Thank you so much Press Only, I will take very good care of them!


  1. Wat een geweldige schoenen!!! <3

  2. Say what?? Wat een geluk zeg :D Krijgen we een outfit foto? Ik ben heel benieuwd hoe je ze gaat combineren.


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