March 5, 2012

I'm waiting for you....

Oh lovely sun... please come out soon, so I can wear this mind blowing fifties bathing suit. I never thought I'd find an original bathing suit from the fifties that would fit my curvy body. And I didn't actually find it... it found me! Yesterday I received a bag with some gorgeous 1950s-1960s beachwear and lingerie, from someone who though I'd appreciate the 1950's authentic craftsmanship (knowing I will put it to good use.)
Of course I was extremely pleased with this incredible gift! I always love authentic vintage beachwear and lingerie, it's hard to come by and I really like using original pieces in my styling. I searched through the bag and this suit immediately stood out to me because of the gorgeous colours and sweetheart neckline. I could never dream it would actually fit me.... but as soon as I got home after a véry long day of styling, I had to try it on. Like a glove!

The bathing suit is lined with a corset-like construction which is actually very comfortable. Just look at the crafstmanship. Just stunning! I'm very sure I'll use the other gorgeous pieces in the bag for future styling adventures.... but this sweetheart has to join my personal collection. 


  1. Ooh, wat een mooi badpak! <3

  2. Wauw, staat je goed! Ik wil ook zo'n badpak.

  3. Supermooi! Staat je geweldig!!

  4. Wauw, wat een geluk heb je met zo'n vondst! :)

  5. Het staat je prachtig bij je haarkleur.
    Leuke rok erbij en een vestje en je bent weer aangekleed:)


  6. wauw super! ik heb ook zo'n mooi oud badpak maar deze lijkt nog veel beter gemaakt als de mijne ^^

  7. Wauw wat een prachtig badpak! Het staat je ook heel mooi! Je doet me een beetje denken aan Ariel nu :)

  8. Wauw super mooi!
    je bent echt zo'n zeemeerminnetje.
    Die uit kopenhagen die ik vorige week zag hihi.

  9. What a lovely find! I absolutely love the bathing suit styles of the 50's more than any other garment out there!


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