March 6, 2014

Trips: Meschiya Lake on the Bayou

Spring has not even arrived, but the first fun vintage events have! The other weekend we were rocking our socks of at Scumbash and last Friday we got to enjoy the vocal skills of the STUNNING Meschiya Lake in Utrecht's good old EKKO. My dearest Madame de Pompadour arranged for this mesmerizing night to be decorated to fit the 1920s Dixlieland theme and of course we dressed ourselves to match....

Starting off with a tasty Gumbo dinner, accompanied by live music from Pierre et Les Optimistes, this evening promised to be amazing right from the start. I mean, what better way is there than to enjoy a vintage-y three course meal with four handsome men working their magic on their instruments haha.....  I got to experience this roaring night from the backstage area, which turned out to be a lot of fun, since we got to know Meschiya a bit (and I have to say she is a very kind and fun gall)! After Meschiya's MINDBLOWING performance, Miss Twist made sure we were able to dance the night away by spinning her best 'Twistalicious' tunes. My oh my what an evening.... <3

Here are some behind the scene snaps to capture the magic for you dears....

This great capture of Madame and her man making cocktails was made by a lovely party gall!

Pierre et Les Optimistes

Haha like a deer in the headlights.... but of course I quickly wanted to capture my outfit for you!

What I wore... kimono & earrings by Zara and everything else; vintage!


  1. What a rollickingly fabulous shindig! I adore your ensemble, very much including the gold lame turban (swoon!).

    ♥ Jessica

  2. You look lovely, the dress is beautiful :)

  3. Wauw dat ziet er echt uit als een fantastische sfeervolle avond!

  4. oh my what a wonderful event. We just don't have things like that where i live. I love your outfit! You and the other ladies dressed perfectly to give an air of sophisticated New Orleans smokey nights... I just love it!

  5. This looks like such fun!!! You can bet I would have gone to this if it had been local. Your outfit is super, I love the turban, you wear one very well. P x

  6. Hele mooie foto's! En wat staat die tulband jou prachtig!


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