March 13, 2014

Outfit: Spring is calling.....

Let's dig up those sunnies and shortsleeved dresses! <3

Dress: 80s does 40s vintage
Shoes: Gianna di Firenze
Bag: vintage (Episode)
Accessories: thrifted/vintage


  1. Yes, pretty please!!! I honestly can't remember the last time I was as psyched for spring's respledant return as I am this year. It can't get here quickly enough for me!

    Love your classic, beautiful outfit. Wee polka dots like this are one of my favourite patterns ever.

    ♥ Jessica

  2. Pretty! i love the little flowers. And, i'm in love with that dress.
    Perfect spring photos, very inspiring.


  3. It's lovely to see all those crocuses, I'm really enjoying all the spring flowers that have come up just recently.

  4. Well aren't you as pretty as those Spring blooms you're standing amongst? Just delightful! x

  5. You're so pretty! I love your glasses & you're shoes... Everything really. :) x

  6. Officially in love with your blog! This outfit is so cute- love the location! Alex


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