March 3, 2014

Outfit: Blue de Blue

In this quick outfit post I wanted to show you kittens my new H&M cutie (dress) and Gianna di Firenze shoes. The heels are just so comfortable and I adore the color to bits, good thing I managed to score them with a HUGE discount <3 And do you not just love the retro styles H&M sells from time to time? Although I am still a vintage lover at heart, I do appreciate the washing comforts of such fifties style dresses.... (like this one, which did not fit me properly... but I do LOVE the material and shape). What do you think about retro styles in modern day brands?

Coat: vintage (SugarSugar)
Jurk: H&M
Tights: C&A
Beret: vintage
Bag: vintage
Shoes: Gianna di Firenze
Accessories: vintage/antique/thrifted


  1. De outfit staat je beeldig en het rode accent in de schoenen is echt tof!
    En soms is het inderdaad makkelijker om vintage-styled kleren te dragen, want soms zien echte Vintage kleren af in de wasmachine.
    En ik ging dit weekend naar Amsterdam en ik heb gebruik gemaakt van je 'Amsterdam Vintage Shopping Guide.' I Love Vintage stond sowieso op het 'to visit again' lijstje, maar het was tof om ook eens bij al die andere binnen te springen. Op de versie die ik ooit eens downloade stond WiniVintage nog niet, maar toch heb ik het gevonden, gelukkig! Daar vond ik een fantastische zwarte 40s jurk.

    xoxo Emma

  2. Looking good! I really like the red shoes with the blue outfit.

  3. i am loving that belt!! great choice of shoes as well :)

  4. Wonderful outfit! I love dark blue and gold tones partnered together like that and, just as Abigail does, I flat out adore your stellar belt.

    ♥ Jessica

  5. i want the whole outfit !!! I was looking at that dress too, haha. Super cute.

  6. I do adore this wonderful dress and yes I love it when companies make retro looking dresses too! Love the accessories you added and the shoes are amazing!


  7. The belt, the belt!!! It's superb!! And the whole outfit styled beautifully - great shoes, I love red shoes as an accent to an outfit, I've just done a Hitchcock themed look that used red shoes. You look lovely! P x


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