September 25, 2012

Ocelot beauty

If you ever visit Utrecht and the Oudegracht district... make sure to enter a little shop specialized in vintage and antique photographs. I don't know the name of the shop, but you will recognize it immediately when you pass the shop window filled with faces and beauty from the past. A few weeks ago, I went there with my friend Tante Patent and I found a gorgeous photograph from the 30s (according to the seller.) I just adore the beautiful ocelot fur coat and the grace of the lady wearing it. When I took the picture out of the paspartout (to put it in a frame) I discovered there was a little note attached to the back.... a note which, to me, sounds like pure poetry... (L)
"A Wild Beast donates to a beautiful jacket. Fashion New York... The ocelot fur jacket here covers a youthful rayon crepe frock, featuring a soft high cowl neckline and butterfly sleeves. Complementing the ensemble are the smart accessories --shoes and handbag-- in matching gabardine. They are trimmed with discreet patent leather edging. The costume bids for popularity among the fall and winter fashions."


  1. Wauw mooi! Ik weet welke winkel je bedoelt! Ik heb er laatst wel tien minuten in de etalage staan kijken (hij was toen dicht)Maar de naam weet ik helaas ook niet.

  2. Incredible photos! How cool that it is from the 1930's! Classic beauty!



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