September 24, 2012

Cameo gorgeousness

Since I was working non-stop in Napoli, I had no time to go shopping or anything. The only thing I really wanted, was to take some buffalo mozarella and limoncello with me for my darling Marnix. I'm usually not one to cruise through duty free shops. But after purchasing the mozarella, a pretty jewelry display caught my eye. It was filled with regionally made cameo pieces... I LIKE!!
I loved almost all the pieces in there. But one subtle little gold plated ring stood out. I asked to try it on and I fell in love. Now, buying myself jewelry isn't a habbit, but when the sales lady told me the price was 39 euros I just could not resist. So here it is; my first cameo ring! What do you think about this precious piece?


... it makes my day!