September 23, 2012

The tie dye jacket; part II

So do you kittens remember my studded tie dye jacket? A fun DIY project I posted a few weeks ago.. well I was pretty happy with the results, that was untill I tried the jacket on. The 'dalmation' like spots just didn't really work with...anything and I thought the jacket was still too dark. I wanted a brighter look. So I put the jacket back in the shower cabin, and there I just started to drop big splashes of (thick) bleech on the jacket. I let it set for quite a while and washed the jacket very carefully after that.
Et voila! This is how it turned out after the second day of DIY fun! I love it so much more now and it is way easier to combine with many different colours and garments. I also love the effect the bleech had on the studs. They are now kind of rusty and 'worn off' which I really love! So if you ever feel like creating an effect like this; just follow the steps in the last DIY post... but instead of little drops of bleech, drop bog splashes on the denim. Just make sure you are in a save environment to do so, like I did it in a shower cabin for instance. Good luck!

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