September 26, 2012

Kenzo and white frills

And yet another great thrift at 'De Sirkel' in Maarssen. I feel so lucky running into beautiful pieces every time I go there.... but finding an item from a high street designer label was the first time for me! These pictures do not do this amazing Kenzo jacket justice. I will make an outfit picture soon!


  1. Mooi zeg!!! Die winkel ken ik nog niet! Ik kijk uit naar de outfitpost ;)

  2. I adore the frilly white blouse! such a great find. And that's amazing that you found that Kenzo jacket in a thrift store! lucky girl xx

  3. Echt een hele leuke outfit,vooral je Kenzo jasje!
    Leuk dat je mee doet met de Giveway Boots zze zijn echt heel vet,en ze lopen echt fantastie s! X

  4. Awesome finds! I so love that jacket you scored. Wonderful! I really want to go thrift shopping now. :)The frilly white blouse is wonderful as well. I guess it can actually go with the jacket.

  5. Oh boy! You found some great stuff love the bag and the blazer and dress....Great work! haha Thanks for linking up!! So glad to have you!

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