June 14, 2012

Another perfect thrift

I have a theory. I believe that if you really want something, it will come to you. My thrifting adventures have proven that to me repeatedly. For some reason I always run into something I have been craving. Today was, one of those days.
I have been wanting a bottom and matching cropped top for a while (trust me, ask my friends haha... I was actually nagging at one point) but couldn't really find it. Well except for the adorable Dolce&Gabanna s/s 2012 set... which I could never afford. Anyways, a suit like that reminds me of those playfull forties/fifties sun pictures, where the girls are wearing cropped blouses and matching bottoms.. paired with cat eyes and a wicker tote.... I adore this look because it's feminine, sensual but not trashy. It's where sexy meets the conservatism from the forties, which so is very much my taste in general (the contrast between modern and historic.)
D&G s/s 2012
I was in love with the H&M for water set, but that didn't fit me... So the last few week I've been experimenting a bit in hope top create that look, with what I have hanging in my closet. Like the sunskirt with tied up sheer blouse...
When I was in the thrifstore today, I at first didn't really find anything special. But, and this is the key to good thrifting, when I took a closer second look I found this 'thing' clining onto a hanger. It looked like a random piece of cloth at first, but when I 'dissected' it... OH MY could this be the sun-playsuit I have been wanting..?
I had to take it home no matter what and I didn't even try it on. I hopped to the cash register and gladly paid the whole 5 euros they wanted for the suit. When I finally arrived at my doorstep, after a busride filled with the excitement children feel when going on a fieldtrip, I instantly pulled it out of the bag and put it on. Perfection!


  1. Wauw! Lucky you! Goeie vondtst zeg. :-)

  2. Dit haalt echt de meest intense jaloezie in mij naar boven!


  3. I want to see you in it! Well done- good thrifting comes to those who wait (or take closer looks!) xXx

  4. Oh ik zou echt wel eens met jou willen shoppen, ik geloof dat we precies dezelfde smaak hebben :D

    liefs Nelleke

  5. I have been wanting a play suit forever too...I do agree though that what you wish for vintage wise does eventually make its way to you. That recently happened to me with some 1920's clothing catalogs that I had been wanting forever and they were gifted to me not to long ago, I never even told anybody that is what I wanted they just appeared basically. That has happened to me on many occasions. After a while one gets good at "manifesting" vintage items!

  6. wat een leuke foto's! Die rok en top zijn zo schattig. hebben!


  7. Do you have pictures of yourself in it? Like the colors so much, so bright and sunny.

  8. I wish I had that outfit, it looks amazing. The colour is so live and kicking and the flare of the skirt rocks. It is like vintage holiday wear, well thats my opinion. I love it

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