June 15, 2012

The Little Rascals

For a few months now, I am working on a different kind of styling... I have worked with womens wear for years now, but this was quite new to me; kids! And I have to say I love it! Children just bring fashion to life in such a real way. Something a stylist as myself truly appreciates. 
The first kids project I did is in stores as we speak, which means I can show it to you guys. The photographer was inspired by the story of 'The Little Rascals.' Something I could immediately relate to cause of the love I've always had for the cheeky bunch of kids, ever since I was a child myself. Well, you know pictures say more than a thousand words... so let me just show them to you!

This shoot was published in Luna magazine and is now available for sale!

Photography: Frank Kouws
MUA: Carmen Gonzalez


  1. Wat een ontzettend leuke foto's! Good job!

  2. So cute! I love doing shoots, especially ones where I can be creative like that.

  3. Geweldige foto's! Wat een cuties!

  4. Wauw! Wat zijn ze leuk geworden hé! Weer een goede samenwerking tussen Frank en jou, de plaatjes kloppen gewoon perfect, en weer die goeie mix tussen oud en nieuw. Great job!


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