June 14, 2012

The clutch top 5

I figured, since I shop vintage online a lot, I'd start sharing those items I believe to be gorgeous. Inspired by my previous post.. Here is the first top five (in random order of course... I couldn't pick favourites); the clutch!
Who doesn't love petit point @ Vintage Store

I love my snakeskin clutches so much... @ ILV

When the other ones are too girly for you @ Doortje

Gorgeous black leather purse, which is beautifully lined as well @ Episode

Oh yeah... red lizar beauty @ Viva Vintage


  1. My favourite is bsolutely nr. 1! Love that!

  2. Love the Episode one! Maar die van Doortje is ook erg mooi! XX

  3. Love the first one, so cute

  4. I love the first and fifth one the most, but they are all cuties.

  5. I beg you please be my friend, I love love those bags. I use my mums clutches when she was just married. I will have the pics.

    I always use this white vintage handbag, that she used to use when I was 10. They look quite battered, but that is what I love



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