February 4, 2012

Snow fun!

I love it... for about five seconds and then I get annoyed by the fact that here in the Netherlands, everything.... yes EVERYTHING stops functioning properly because of it. Trains malfunction, school close their doors and people can't stop complaining about the cold. However, snow is pretty.... and it allows me to wear my furry hats! What do you think of my gorgeous raspberry red dress....?

Dress: 50s vintage
Cardigan: Only
Belt: vintage
Shoes: Bronx
Hat: thrifted
Gloves: 50s vintage
Coat: 70s vintage


  1. I am SO glad it's not just England that grinds to a halt even for an inch of snow...!

  2. Love the entire outfit! I adore Fur hats, and own a gorgeous Mink and Satin 1950s cloche - although if I were to go through all the kinds of hats I owned I think I'd be here for hours. Either way, you look absolutely stunning.

    In case you didn't know, I've recently changed my name to Juno Barrington Vintage - I thought I would sneak that in here to prevent any kind of confusion.

    Paris of Juno Barrington Vintage

  3. Heeele mooie outfit ja, ben echt fan van de kleurencombinatie en vooral van het kleedje met de riem.

  4. Ik vind je jurk en je schoenen echt heel leuk!

  5. Love all of it! Nice color combination too!

  6. Ziet eruit alsof het op een filmset is van een goede serie uit de jaren '60 (of zoiets). Hoog tijd voor een filmpje ;-)


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