August 7, 2012

A most adorable find

I found this little mysterious case in a thrift/antique store in Utrecht. The weird shape of the case caught my eye and when I picked it up, the price tag said 'with content.' "OEH OEH OEH... exciitiinnnggg" I thought and I opened it immediately. Inside was the most adorable little set I'd ever come across; four clip-on bowties and two silk handkerchiefs. I can only imagine the previous owner carrying this case around, too lazy to tie an actual bowtie... but always looking for a possibility to change his neck-wear... hihi.


  1. oh zo leuk! dat zag ik ook nog nooit eerder (:

  2. Wow! This really is an amazing find!! So cute!


  3. Leuk joh! Welke kringloopwinkel was het?


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