February 5, 2012

Fabulous collection

Last weekend I purchased a vintage clothing lot ('lot' being a collection of items sold as a package deal)... containig approximately 120 pieces of 1930s'-1960s' clothes!! I was looking for some good vintage mens wear (for styling) and stumbled upon this great lot (containing mens and womens wear.) I went to see the bunch last week, and after short consideration picked it up last saturday. I already gave away some items as gifts, kept a few pretty things myself and brought some pieces to the fleamarket last week.
There are dresses, cardigans, jackets, tuxedos, blouses, suits, trousers and coats in the lot. I was really thrilled to find some really good thirties and forties pieces. Unfortunately not all in my size, but I spoiled myself enough with other pretty things from the lot. Here is a little preview of what is now hanging in my clothing room., and to think that is only a small part of the entire lot.... (L)

I'm planning to use the items in this lot in a few different ways. Like I said, I needed mens wear for some upcomming styling jobs... and I also wanted to collect a few good jackets to dress friends and family for our wedding. Since I feel there is a lack of good 1930s-1940s vintage sellers in the Netherlands, I wanted to gather some good pieces myself to pass on to other fashionistas in the vintage scene and for potential sales (yes... I busy planning a vintage webshop!) And of course... finding some nice items for myself and my love was a nice extra haha.
A special thanks goes out to the lovely people
selling this gorgeous lot to me!


  1. Wow mooi hoor. Ik hou je blog in de gaten zodat ik er snel bij ben als je wat verkoopt

  2. Wow héél mooi. Ik hou je blog in de gaten voor het geval dat je wat verkoopt. Dan ben ik er snel bij;)

  3. Wauw je bent goed geslaagd zo te zien, ik ben ook erg verliefd op vintage. Mijn halve kledingkast bestaat uit vintage, maar dat vind ik juist leuk, ben je lekker origineel!


  4. wauw, ik zie geweldig mooie details!


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