February 3, 2012

Mildred Pierce

The HBO mini-series 'Mildred Pierce' tells the story of a divorced single mom who tries to cope with the Great Depression, her divorce and a narcissistic elder daughter Veda. In five long episodes she opens a restaurant, falls in love with a questionable man and most of all; she tries to salvage the already-strained relationship with Veda.
The story of Mildred Pierce is based on a 1941 novel by James M. Cain and the script stays very true to the book. It's a gorgeous, sad yet beautiful story about love, pride, ambition and undying loyalty. I love that the story is (close to) realistic... you can really relate to Mildred and her struggles (without necessarilly agreeing with her.) No 'Bold and the Beautiful' hystericals; "Brooke I am you father.... and stephbrother... and I slept with your daughter...and sister. While my son was secretly having a affair with you mother... ánd uncle..." (ok I'm drifting off... but you get my point.) A beautiful story, very pleasant to follow because of the relaxed pace over those five episodes. Needles to say... The fashion is GORGEOUS.

I'll tell you a bit about the fashion and give a little introduction about the series (with complementary screenshots): The story starts in 1931 with the Depression just settling in, so money is scarce. Which is portrayed perfectly when you see Mildred wearing the same dress quite a lot in the first episodes.... there is no money and the clothes are sobre and functional. With her needing to find a job as a single mom, she tries keep Veda satisfied (in the end unsuccesfully) by finding a propper job... which after a considerate amount of let-downs leads to a job as a waitress. Of course this isn't nearly good enough for young Veda, so Mildred feels pressured to come up with a different plan; opening her own restaurant... the waitress job being for 'experience' (at first an excuse to keep Veda content for the time being.)

Since she is a magnificent cook, the restaurant (called Mildred's) becomes a great succes in no time. Leading to a increasing income for Mildred and her family. The fashion both Mildred and Veda are seen in 'grows' with the growing succes in the restaurant buissiness; they start wearing more different outfits..... and more luxurious ones I might add. Up to the most decadent looks in the end. Véry véry pleasant to watch, while enjoying the actual story. I can really recommend watching this series for the story ánd the fashion. Just look at these screenshots! (L)


  1. Oh prachtig, en wat een mooie vrouwen. Kate Winslet is op zich al een reden om te kijken, zij is zo goed. Zijn er nog mooie mannen te bewonderen? :-p

  2. love love love!

  3. I downloaded this on your suggestion... I'll let you know what I think!

  4. Ja zo inspirerend al die mooie kleren! En jij draagt dat gewoon en het staat je ook nog eens zo goed... Leuk!!


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