November 27, 2013

Thrifted: Vintage Fair haul and some more...


Have I been neglecting you or what? To be honest, I have been having difficulties with my camera. It does not seem to focus properly anymore which makes taking good pictures very difficult. Now I don't work with sponsors in general, but now would be the time for a camera making company to step up haha. Or might any of you dears have a good tip on a new camera (I have a Canon 450D now and a small upgrade would be nice, but nothing too expensive)?

Anyways, as you kittens might have seen on Facebook I went to visit one of the biggest vintage collectors fairs last weekend. Here are some more detailed pictures of some goody-good vintage treasury I came upon.... Since my camera has been off, I decided to work more with Instagram over the last few weeks... not only will you find pictures there of my latest vintage adventures, you will also get frequent live updates. So when interested; check out my Instagram by the name fifties_darling or click on the Instagram feature on the right --->

VERY cutesy watches from the 40s-60s that still work <3 and a nice and heavy bracelet

Some literature to polish up on the classics

A lovely strass necklace for the holidays perhaps (it is soo shiny <3)

Some vintage mens wear for a change (the other two images in the previous pictures are also new)

Two ring who are actually from Brighton, the first one is encrusted with real butterfly...
How cool is that?

Saved the best for last...
For some reason it caught my eye in between the THOUSANDS of antique goodies.....
This amazing (golden?) locket from 1848!

It is quite heavy and big... On the inside inscribed with the following text.... (I added the kitty haha)

What a priced possession will this be.... the salesman really wanted me to have it, so he gave me
a very good deal (28 euros) as I reckon it is either gold or gold plated....

I am very curious to know about lockets such as these. Any of you beauties might have an idea weather it was custom to give a woman (?) a locket for her 20th birthday mid 19th century? Or maybe someone can link me some literature on the subject? I would love to learn more about pieces like this!


  1. I don't know for sure, so don't quote me, but lockets were often exchanged to people promised to be married so that they could carry some token of the other (e.g. lock of hair) while they were apart and waiting for the big day! Both men and women would have had them. That's all I know!

    Great haul of treasures there,
    P xx

  2. Those look like superb goodies :-) I especially love the books!

  3. Oh die boeken zijn gaaf zeg! Dat staat vast ook prachtig in huis!

  4. What a find! Such a beautiful pocket watch and from that time period as well.


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