October 9, 2012

Where comfort meets vintage

Maintaining that vintage look in every day life isn't always that easy. Espescially when it comes to wearable shoes. Finding a vintage-y pair of pumps shouldn't be that difficult these days... but as much as we all love heels, it's just not possible to wear them every day. So I often find myself looking for elegant alternatives in every day footwear, to still remain that authentic vibe needed to top off any vintage look.... while still enjoying comfort that can keep you going for hours. And so I stumbled upon the most adorable retro shoes.
I think these Clarks brogues are to die for! The combination of black and white, the perforated details.... oooh my don't you just love the two-tone wingtip characteristics!? I know I do *starts singing looovvveeee* These kittens will go with almost any outfit and they look so authentic that you will be able to maintain that vintage feeling in your look. They also come in a gorgeous wine red colour and the best thing; they are extremely comfortable due to special 'softwear-technology.' I say; must-have!


  1. Ze zijn inderdaad heel mooi! Ik heb iets soortgelijks van de H&M, maar dan minder mooi en m'n hielen gaan er steeds in open ;)


  2. I love these shoes, I actually have a pair in beige/ brown color. I get so many compliments and I love the vintage look too. I would say get a size bigger than usual or a half size bigger if you can. They are comfortable but after 2 hours in them they can start to hurt at the toes because they get squished in the front but even then they are so worth it.

    I don't know if they are the same brand but I got them on ebay but I love love love them. I want the black ones but this time with a small heel.

    - Roxanna


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